Feeshe Kees

Left Feeshe: I love you.
Right Feeshe: I love you more.
Left Feeshe: No, I love you more.
Right Feeshe: NO I LOVE YOU MORE
Left Feeshe: I LOVE YOU MORE GOD DAMMIT [underwater screaming]


Giesel Petes, there are bubbles everywhere now. Kisses, Branna L.


“Beh beh Boo boo”

…That’s whay I’d name my Baby Beluga whale if I had one.


Check it out, he’s all: "ppppbbbbfffftttt!!!" with his new blow-hole action.


Sent in swimmingly, Kristine M. and congrats to the Shedd Aquarium.

Stayin’ Afloat

Give it up—there are certain people—you know who you are—that help to keep us upright. Just like the lil’ fins of this Baby Boxfish. [Flutter! Flutter!] That’s right People, GIVE IT UP for those people who, on a daily basis, prop ya up and keep things going.

That means you, Natalie! (my fabulous co-worker who is *always* there…) Thank you.


Baby Boxfeeshe Bloooop! Thanks, PBase.com

He gets more done before 9AM than you do in a day

Check out Albert "Goooooooaaaal!!!!" Einstein here, the smartest goldfish of all time. He remembers tricks for a whole TEN DAYS and has earned the much sought-after title of "fish with the largest repetoire of tricks" in the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records.

Bravo – o – o !!! [bubbles]

Albert: ‘ehn!‘ [inching soccer ball toward goal]


Congratulations to Dean and son, for their brave and tireless teaching of Albert. Hooray!