I TOTALLY Meant To Do This.



We Gotta Blow This Popstand!

You’re Dot The Ferret stuck in the living room. Between you and freedom: Shady The Big Dog and a Security Fence.


Later on, a little thank-you-for-the-assist payback:


Yes, Ferrets Love Snow (Part II)

IMG_2342Maybe you didn’t see this post from yesterday- it’s about cold weather and how it can affect our Furry Friends. SOME of them, anyway. And there were some Gonzo Ferrets in there, and, well, we have some MORE Gonzo Ferrets, why because we do. Kate S. says, “With all the snow we decided to bring some inside in a kiddie pool for my ferrets!”

“Dasher (the black ferret) is only about 4 months and has never seen snow before yet he dived right in as soon as he saw it!”

“The others, Vincent (in the last photo) and Jack (the all white ferret,) have played in snow before but it took them a while to hop in! Thanks for everything you do to bring Cuteness and happiness to the world!!”



We’re getting seriously Snow Ferret crazy heah. “Hi! Here is a short video of my Teenage Ferret Sisters, “Minty” and “Honey Badger” playing in a pan of snow my son and I brought inside for them yesterday. They loved it! I hope this video gives your fans a smile. : )” -Eliza and Lukas O. of Powell, OH., where it’s REALLY COLD. Keep those Ferrets bundled up!

Christmas Ferrets Because Why Not

IMG_0692aThe final week Christmas Countdown is underway, so we decided to celebrate with some Whackadoodle Ferret ACTION, courtesy of Melody M.

“The feature photo and the next two capture my ferret Khibah in all his Christmas glory with Santa,” she says.

“The rest are of my ferret Tytoo, playing Eskimo girl. All photos by Vince. Wishing you the Cutest Christmas Ever!”

Christmas 2014 067

Ferret Christmas 2014 r5 066

This Is Just Nuts

Packing Peanuts, to be exact. Look what happens when ya toss a few Bebeh Ferrets in!

One Post. FOUR Rules.

Ron and PuffTwo! Two! Two Ferrets In One!

“Dear all, please find attached a picture of my ferrets Ron and Puff (Ron on the bottom and Puff on the top.) They are sleeping (surprise surprise) in their favourite place, in their purple hammock! I do believe that they are covering the following Rules of Cuteness:

#20: Showing your paw pads is cute.
#46: A yin-yang position for two animals is cute.
#49: If you curl up into a circle when you sleep, that’s cute.
#99: Peeping tongues are cute.*

Kind Regards, Kelly, Ron and Puff, BIG fans from England.

[*Note: Don’t see the peeping tongues, but we’ll let it slide. -Ed.]

Flashback Friday

The Flashback Friday submishe inbox is hopping lately! We always knew CO peeps were AWW-some.

“Since the Spring of 2000″, Motor City Ferrets nose a thing, or thousand, about rescuing ferrets…

But it all really started back in 1978…. :::waves magical wayback wand:::

1978 Summer
“That’s me in the photo, with the first ferret I ever met on a trip to Colorado. We stopped at a rest stop and the baby ferret and it’s owners were enjoying a rest on a lovely summer day. As I always did whenever a furry critters was nearby, I ran in for a snuggle – and of course my Dad was ready with the camera! I totally forgot about the encounter until my Dad presented me with the photo, enlarged and framed, about a year after I opened a ferret shelter (2001). Today I’m 42, and over the past 14 years I’ve rescued nearly 1000 ferrets.” -Nanci F.

It’s Chilly Out, So Don’t Forget Your Sweateuh!

(Yeah, going against popular o-pin-yun with the spelling, I know, I know.)

The WHITE DEATH cold winter weather continues in parts the US, so you guys need to make sure to bundle up before you venture outside, OK then?












From Pleated Jeans.com.

Ferret Fotobomb

I think my brother Teddy might be a spy. But it’s probably just my imagination.

“This is Toby (in front) and Teddy (in back). Was supposed to be a photo of Toby but Teddy photobombed it! Still cute though!!” -Kate S.

Put ‘Em UP, Pardner!

A kitteh hunkering with BEBEH FERRETS. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Learn more about this odd couple trio here!




Interspecies snorgling alert from Eagle-Eyed Cuteporter Andrea Deeeeeee. PS I nose I used that last hover recently but it’s so funny I did eet again.


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