Headline THIS: Really, Dude? A Flip Phone?

[*Updated 1:04pm PT: Annette with the win!]

[I was NOT with Taylor Swift last night!!! I don’t even KNOW the girl! Can’t a Ferret Fella get ANY peace and quiet? Put those AWAY!]

Arne found this photo on Websta Instagram Web Viewer and thought this might a good Headline THIS post, and once again, Arne is spot on. So dream up your best headline, and we’ll update around 1pm PT.

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Time To Play The Name Game!

From Kate S.: “This is my new Baby Ferret I got Sunday, he’s 2 months old and he needs a name and I would like the help of your viewers readers!! [We have readers, Kate. Not viewers. -Ed.] I currently have 4 other Ferrets by the names of Jack, Leo, Vincent, and Dasher. If it helps, his coloration is called champagne. Thank you for considering!”

Let’s help Kate out, everyone- leave your suggestions in the Comments section, puh-leaze!


Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer, and Vixen!

Wait a minute. Has anyone seen Dasher?

“This is my new baby ferret Dasher, he’s busy exploring and recently found himself stuck in a picnic basket and had to find his way out! I hope you enjoy!” Picture by Kate S.

We’ve All Heard About The Ice Bucket Challenge

It’s time to raise the bar a bit.


And Ammo The Doxie is ready to roll, too:

Second video spotted on T.O.

You Lookin’ At ME?

You can NEVER EVER sneak up on these little guys. Their Ferrety Radar Ears are just tooooo good.

From T.O.

Friday Haiku: Pals

Pals come in all types
Big, small, short, tall, and sock-y
U can count on them

“This is my little girl Ally and her beloved sock monkey Lola.” -Linda G.