The Force Is With Ferret Friday

Master Yoda is finding that it is difficult to train the young Jedi when they have the attention span….of a ferret.

(Tastefully Offensive.)


Ferret Fridays Are Best When…

…you share them with a friend!

Pet Names: Drogo (color: White Panda.) Grizzly (color: Mask.) From Cute Animals.

Ferret Friday (Halloween Edition)

Do NOT..repeat N-O-T…leave your Skeleton Cookie sitting out. The Furry Kneesocks With Eyes will STEAL it!

And while we’re on the subject of Ferrets, let’s watch this quick video on Ferret Halloween safety. (Or, as the hoomin says, “Click Or Treat.”)

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

Ferret Friday, With An Extra Playmate!

Playtime is always a lot more fun with an extra friend, right?

Ferret Friday BONUS!

Just came across this article c/o Bored Panda……

It seems Komari (above) was found when she was just five weeks old. (The article says five months, but no way.)

Her new hoomin family happened to have five male Ferrets!

Now, she is their little sister, and Komari has decided SHE is a Ferret, too!






Welcome to Ferret Friday

“My sister has two lovely tube cats, Ronnie and Jimmy, here’s some of my favourite photos of them,” writes Jacqueline F. “The above photo is Ronnie being a ferret monorail. The last photo is of the two of them cuddling in their helmet-nest!


Ferret-Ferrying Flume Fails; Feds Frantic

DEER LOOGIE, MT — Operators of the Transcontinental Ferret Pipeline have reported a major breach, causing a ferret spill about one mile in diameter. Federal investigators cite human error as the cause, noting the pipeline had been accidentally set for both eastbound and westbound traffic.


Endangered black-footed ferrets, via USFWS Mountain-Prairie.

Ferret Friday: Beauregard II

Above, ya got your ‘Tocks N’ Beans in one end of the play tube…and below, there’s the other end! Wow, that’s one long Slinky Ferret!

“Here are another couple of our Beau-borini in his all-time favorite mailing tube,” says Scott S.

Ferret Friday: Beauregard

“Here is our ferret, Beauregard, in the midst of the typical ‘Before bedtime loss of control of da feet parts.'” -Scott S.

Ferret Friday + Bonus ROC Action!

Two Ferret Fridays in a row- we are Locked IN! (Note the Tiny Tongue above, won’t you.) “These are our ferrets, Zeke (cinnamon) and Tessa (panda) taking a snooze after a hard day of playing. You can even see Tessa’s tongue!” -Photos by Michael and Megan.