Commence Operation Snorfersnorfs

Stand aside or prepare to be snorfed! It’s feedin’ time!

Today is a good day to be snorfed by, The Telegraph!


Might As Well Jump


(Worry about the landing part later.)

Big ups to Eibar.

Pipsqueak Lays Down the Law

Hi ma name’s Pipsqueak McGoatersons. You know what it’s like, having to share the house with all these puppehs? They steal ma crunchies, none of them are potty-trained eef you know whut ah mean. So ah gotta lay down the law heah.

Big find c/o Animuhl Planet.

How Now Brown Cow

Sounds that are round cannot possibly be made by such a pointy diphthong.

Via Pinterest

Mr. Baggyjean’s Kiddergoaten Class

Teacher comments: Buttermilk is disruptive in class, needs to work on staying in her seat, does not ask to go to the bathroom, thinks she is the Karate Kid.

You have goat to be kidding, Sophistikathryn

But I Don’t Wanna Leave the Petting Zoo!

I’ve finally found someone who understands me! Someone who sees the miracle in each blade of grass and marvels at the intricacy of leaves as they dance in the wind! Someone who feeds my very soul! Don’t make me give that up, I beg you!

Via julianbrand on Buzzfeed.

Lick That Cow!

When you decide to yell at a really big cow, just make sure you’re far enough away.

If you get The Look, you’d better run.

Thanks to OneyNG.

Reddi-Made Dessert

Cream Puff?

Choux Swans with Créme Chantilly?

Fluffy maa-aa-shmaa-aa-llow cream?

Or, whipped cream straight out of the can? Well, it’s quicker!

Let’s combine all of the above and call it Pufftillymallow Whip. Doesn’t that sound delicious, Reddit user JGState1BuzzfeedJean Winters OlkonenEveryone Deserves Dessert?

Snorf and Let Snorf

My old grandhoggy snorfed this farm for near 80 years. Yep, he said to me this farm, if properly snorfed, is like an all you can snorf buffet. “A snörfgasbord!”, he would say. Then he always slapped his knee and chuckled.

One snorf at a time, Wrought

Crazy For Ewe

What do ewe want to do today?

Ewe want me to eat grass?!


I’m not laughing at ewe, I’m not laughing at ewe!

Sigh. The things I have to do for ewe.

Ewe know, it’s not too baaa-aaad.

Here, I made this for ewe. It’s art neweveau.

I had fun with ewe today. The grass was OK. But my favorite part was EWE!

More power to ewe, Nerothos