MMMMMM. chain-a-ruuuuu

Mm! Chain-licious….

[Kronshe kronshe kronshe]


Kris B., way to spot ’em! (Oh, helped that she titled her email ‘chompage’.;)


A Cinderella story

" ‘Wash your coat!’

‘Clean yer stall!’

‘Drink yer milk!’

Is there anything we DON’T hafta do ourselfs!? Geeshe."


Kirsten H., nice lil’ stable slaves you got there.

Listen up!

So, this weekend, I was hanging out with friends talkin’ Overload, when one guy announced "I really like animals with the big ears. Yeah. Really big ears." It was followed by an uncomfortable silence, but oh wells. This one is for you, Thomas.


JAY KAY, THAT’S NOT HOW IT HAPPENED. But he does like ’em big. Nice photog, Loolee L…;)

OK, this just really isn’t funny.

You’ve had your fun, now get me the H-E-double-hockey-sticks OUT OF HERE!!!


Norman K.—What can I possibly say that would make things right? Nothing. Nothing that’s what. Except for the tiny hoof-i-tude. That’s awesome.

Mmmmm, snoutlicioussss

This is complete and total snout overload. How much is that pig LOL-ing? I bet that pig snorts when he laughs, too.


Holy bacon bits, Jennifer H.!


These lambitudes look like they’re parading thru someone’s living room, across a blue blankie, for no apparent reason. I bet there is a tiny Chihuahua nipping at their heels or something.


Denis M., patience is a virtue (he sent this back in ot 5)

Australian Animal Favorites 4

Sender-inner Michelle describes this image as "the cutest photo of a lamb in sweater I’ve ever seen." Um, I’LL SAY! Apparently, this little lambykins lives on her in-law’s farm in Australia. Absolutely, fully, and totally redonk. Looks like he’s going out to get the newspaper.


Clean hooves alert!  >    >      >> (<–hooves)

Du lait, s’îl vous plaît

For now, moi, Madamoiselle Cochonne, I can stand in zee meelk bowl all I like. I am not zee 650 pounds yet, Dahlinks. Whin I am zee 650 pounds, Dahlinks, my left foot weel not even feet een zuh bowl. I must take advanteege while I ken!


Merci bien, Madame Elise~

Piggin’ in a biskit

"Hugs" the Chihuahua isn’t the ONLY one getting a lift in a basket. Unbelievably Prosh Snoutlette here is also on ridin’ high on the hog… oy vey, I did not just say that.


Alexandria "@lix" H.—cleanest schnozzle evar.

Hot damn!

When your Master delivers you an enormous ice cube to rest on, you know it’s hot. HOT DAMN it was hot today in California. Like, fry-an-egg-on-the-asphault hot. Good lo’!


Ice melting on sender-inner Tracy G and more on temperatures soaring in this story.