These lambitudes look like they’re parading thru someone’s living room, across a blue blankie, for no apparent reason. I bet there is a tiny Chihuahua nipping at their heels or something.


Denis M., patience is a virtue (he sent this back in ot 5)

Australian Animal Favorites 4

Sender-inner Michelle describes this image as "the cutest photo of a lamb in sweater I’ve ever seen." Um, I’LL SAY! Apparently, this little lambykins lives on her in-law’s farm in Australia. Absolutely, fully, and totally redonk. Looks like he’s going out to get the newspaper.


Clean hooves alert!  >    >      >> (<–hooves)

Du lait, s’îl vous plaît

For now, moi, Madamoiselle Cochonne, I can stand in zee meelk bowl all I like. I am not zee 650 pounds yet, Dahlinks. Whin I am zee 650 pounds, Dahlinks, my left foot weel not even feet een zuh bowl. I must take advanteege while I ken!


Merci bien, Madame Elise~

Piggin’ in a biskit

"Hugs" the Chihuahua isn’t the ONLY one getting a lift in a basket. Unbelievably Prosh Snoutlette here is also on ridin’ high on the hog… oy vey, I did not just say that.


Alexandria "@lix" H.—cleanest schnozzle evar.

Hot damn!

When your Master delivers you an enormous ice cube to rest on, you know it’s hot. HOT DAMN it was hot today in California. Like, fry-an-egg-on-the-asphault hot. Good lo’!


Ice melting on sender-inner Tracy G and more on temperatures soaring in this story.

Little Miss WobblePants

Wobble… wobble… wobble…

[Mom’s nose bonk]



Steady, Vanessa H., steady! (And thanks for reporting from the MN State Fair…)

Petite Oinkette

It’s Japanese wallpaper madness, People. This nutso Japanese site has delightful wallpapers in big sizes. I adore the petite oinker, below.


The feller who sent this in didn’t leave their name on the email—but you know who you are!

Silly questions with Lambie Junior



[For the millionth time] "Yes, son?"


"How are people gonna get to sleep if we’re just laying around like this?"


This post sponsored by Ambien, brought to you by sheep counters Kora M. and Bob W.


Look, I know I just posted The Olympigs yesterday, I mean, you can surely scroll down right now and see them on this page, but I had to post these little dudes.


Totally redonk stubby snout action:



And the grand finale:


Thank you to Peter M. who found these on FunMansion.

*Don’t call me ‘Shirley’.

This just in: Piglympics

Leave it to the Russians to come up with ANOTHER DELICIOUS way to enjoy piglets. The Pig Olympics.

From the full story on BBC: "Each pig, dressed in a numbered bib, was carried squealing into the arena for each event." Hee!


Check this out: about to snorgle a WHOLE LOT of water:


Amazing! Spah-see-bah, Richard, Ellie, and Melissa L.


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