Moosday: The Conclu-shons

We now conclude our first official Moosday with this camoflauged lil’ Dewd, who’s juuuuuuuuuust about





Excellent schnozzlage

Alan B., thanks, we’ll take you up on that.


Moosday: furriest (and stubbornest) of ears alert

Mom cow: Edward, get back here

Edward's gonna git it!

Calf: Nyerhe


Brother calf: LOL—no seriously, Edward, come on

Stho sthubborn

Calf: Make moi

uh erhe

Mom cow: Edward, get back here or no Gino’s pizza rolls tonight

Don't make me turn this car around

Calf: OK.

Worried about getting tipped later

Katie P., moovahlous!

Moosday: More ridonculousness



pic! {obvy out for Sunday stroll]


Mark W., what a hoot!

Moosday: um—Fox Terrier or bebe cow?

OK, this is way too confusing, it’s MOOSDAY for CRYING OUT LOUD and so far we haven’t had a single real cow on the site. This is really embarrassing.



Linda P., could you flip him over and see if he makes a ‘moo’ sound? Then we’d know fer sure.

Moosday: Petite Moo-ére

Âllo, mes amis…

Tonight, I serve you dee finest of meelks. Whole Meelks, none of dees ‘skeem’ stuff.

Pwwthhha! [spits into hay in disgust]


Got meelk, Jason O.?

Waiting for dessert…

Please Suh, may I ‘ave s’more?

[Gets sniffed by other hungry patron]


Nice ‘sheeplet’ studies, vet student Emily C.! [Ears back]

pink gutulence

Will you please check out the gutulence on this mini-piglet.

Oh, and lady? Loooooooooove the pink outfit! w00t!

Sue-weeeeeeet find, Colette B. 😉

OMG, these entries just write themselfs

"Hi Meg,

Here’s a picture I took of my coworker’s piglet*.  He was the runt, and couldn’t compete with his siblings for a spot at the milk bar.  My coworker bottle fed him every few hours so he wouldn’t die!**  Check out the milk droplets on his schnozzle!***



* Um, "co-worker’s piglet"? Like AT THE OFFICE!?
** ‘wouldn’t die’ ?! OMG, he is so pathetically prosh!
*** "Check out the milk droplets on his schnozzle’!?!!? Who are you? you’re doing ME!!! [totaly cackling]


Like my sweater? [tiny nose wriggles]


Matthew B., yes, yes it’s cute.

I can’t believe I watched the whole thing

There is something oddly satisfying about watchink this week-old bebeh goat (named "Sprocket!") drink his milk. It must be the tail action.

Right, Melissa? hold that bottle up!;)