Moosday: furriest (and stubbornest) of ears alert

Mom cow: Edward, get back here

Edward's gonna git it!

Calf: Nyerhe


Brother calf: LOL—no seriously, Edward, come on

Stho sthubborn

Calf: Make moi

uh erhe

Mom cow: Edward, get back here or no Gino’s pizza rolls tonight

Don't make me turn this car around

Calf: OK.

Worried about getting tipped later

Katie P., moovahlous!

Moosday: More ridonculousness



pic! {obvy out for Sunday stroll]


Mark W., what a hoot!

Moosday: um—Fox Terrier or bebe cow?

OK, this is way too confusing, it’s MOOSDAY for CRYING OUT LOUD and so far we haven’t had a single real cow on the site. This is really embarrassing.



Linda P., could you flip him over and see if he makes a ‘moo’ sound? Then we’d know fer sure.

Moosday: Petite Moo-ére

Âllo, mes amis…

Tonight, I serve you dee finest of meelks. Whole Meelks, none of dees ‘skeem’ stuff.

Pwwthhha! [spits into hay in disgust]


Got meelk, Jason O.?

Waiting for dessert…

Please Suh, may I ‘ave s’more?

[Gets sniffed by other hungry patron]


Nice ‘sheeplet’ studies, vet student Emily C.! [Ears back]

pink gutulence

Will you please check out the gutulence on this mini-piglet.

Oh, and lady? Loooooooooove the pink outfit! w00t!

Sue-weeeeeeet find, Colette B. ;)

OMG, these entries just write themselfs

"Hi Meg,

Here’s a picture I took of my coworker’s piglet*.  He was the runt, and couldn’t compete with his siblings for a spot at the milk bar.  My coworker bottle fed him every few hours so he wouldn’t die!**  Check out the milk droplets on his schnozzle!***



* Um, "co-worker’s piglet"? Like AT THE OFFICE!?
** ‘wouldn’t die’ ?! OMG, he is so pathetically prosh!
*** "Check out the milk droplets on his schnozzle’!?!!? Who are you? you’re doing ME!!! [totaly cackling]


Like my sweater? [tiny nose wriggles]


Matthew B., yes, yes it’s cute.

I can’t believe I watched the whole thing

There is something oddly satisfying about watchink this week-old bebeh goat (named "Sprocket!") drink his milk. It must be the tail action.

Right, Melissa? hold that bottle up!;)


Totally knobbular, Dewd! (AND totally prosh lil’ horns)

This bebeh endangered Arabian Oryx was born in Wildlife World Zoo, in Litchfield Park, AZ.


Thanks, Animalphiles, for writing this post for us! (And for the suggestion, Denise S. ;)


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