Like my sweater? [tiny nose wriggles]


Matthew B., yes, yes it’s cute.

I can’t believe I watched the whole thing

There is something oddly satisfying about watchink this week-old bebeh goat (named "Sprocket!") drink his milk. It must be the tail action.

Right, Melissa? hold that bottle up!;)


Totally knobbular, Dewd! (AND totally prosh lil’ horns)

This bebeh endangered Arabian Oryx was born in Wildlife World Zoo, in Litchfield Park, AZ.


Thanks, Animalphiles, for writing this post for us! (And for the suggestion, Denise S. ;)

Waitin’ fer the bus

According to my pocket guide, the bus should be arriving in 3 minutes. Just enough time to run across the street to StarBUCKS AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH [laughs at self and looks around]


Nice one, Asami M. :D


These mini donkulence are sporting teeny electric blankies (OK they’re not electric, but I hope they’re warm.) The Mountain View Farm has mini-donks, goats and mo’.


Not to mention the farm offers photos with brushed effect edges…



LOVE the ears back… [Backwards 'Barooo?' sound]

Holy smokes they’re small little dewds…

Check the knobbular knees and perfect trotting formation:

Redonk submishe, Meredith C., and farm owners Paul and Becky F.!

Happy new piglet year!

Happy Chinese New Year, People. Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year festivities. Pigs everywhere are snortin’ (and celebratin’.) A quick Google search shows;

Piglet Yearsare:
1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

Pig personality traitsare:
Intellectually curious, honest and tolerant, peeps born in the Year of the Pig are known for loyalty and their ability to make lifetime friends. (Please see child-licking-snout action below.)

As usual, we’re here for all your piglet imagery needs with a Lunar New Year compilation:


Cow lick(s)

Amazingly, this kitteh just lets herself git licked.

By two cows.

On a cold day (check out the bref.)

Now I’ve seeeen it alllll [singsong]

T.J. S.—can someone please tell me why Peeps choose the nuttiest songs for vide background music? XTina is great, but the context, is like, so weiuhd! [say in John Travolta voice]

Not sure if this is right [shifty eyes]

Will you please look at this sheared neck action, and accidental bebeh Alpaca smoooosh. Could be a good one to send to that certain someone on Valentine’s day. It’s like; "I theenk I want to smoosh you, but I’m only 90% sure/shear"


Nice McSmooshersons, Christina P…

Mini popsicles

We’re just a skooooosh tongue-centric today. Lil’ goat "SugarPie" discovered flying snowflakes and is testing them out. Sugarpie’s all: ‘Lurp, lurp’


Can you see in the birdhouse behind SugarPie, there is a boid ramping up a mini snow cone business? Each snow cone would have to have a perfect bit of bird seed on top. Right Sarah H.?

“Kiss a lovely moose”

We’re all familiar and adore "Engrish", but today, it’s time for the Russian version of it. Behold the "Kostrama Moose farm" in central Russia. Not only are the photos TDF, but the phrases and translations are extremely entertaining.

There is an overwhelming admiration for the meese. The farmers claim "Moose cows loveus more than their own children."


"They run to us whenever we call."


and "and some – big bulls, kind like kitten. "


According to the site, "Swedish army had moose troops… Moose turned out to be wiser then their knights, they left battlefieldto hide in the nearest forest if danger occured."


The Kostrama Moose farm website has delightful (snort) content categories too: "Why Moose?" "Buy a Tame Moose", "Heal a Peptic Ulcer" (Apparently a moose-related specialty) "Drink a Moose Milk" and my favorite: "Kiss a lovely Moose". 


NOT TO MENTION the knobbular delights that are the moose baby photos.



sooooo…. wobbly…. must…. try….


The author of the site has a future in coffee table book, for sure. 


Daisy H. does it again. Brilliant, brilliant find, Girl!