I’ll take the pink one…

You always *knew* Dachschunds were great, but HOW GREAT ARE THEY NOW!? [pan over to piglet in the nursery]









Tanks, Grabbui P.! [Cross-eyed head tilt]


What is it with the Farm Girls?

What is it with the Farm Girls and prosh pets lately? Don’t MAKE me make a CATEGOATERY, People.

Nom Nom Nom. Delicious braaaaaaaaaaid.


Like the ears back, too, AM T.

Ani-pals with heart shapes on them [head tilt]

PeegFrom Orange UK comes this storeh about a peeg with a heart on it. Ahnnnggn. Nice Find, Jo L.

Then of course there is this puppeh, with HIS heart-shaped fur:

Japanese kicking our asses again



Then we have "Scotteh" the kitteh who’s owners didn’t even NOTICE he had a heart-shaped fur patch until they saw the article on the Chihuahua pup above… [Nice work, Sender-Inner Amy S.]


And let’s not forget dee FERRETS OF LOF:


And this calf, who was BORN on Valentines day, with a heart that looks suspiciously painted on; (Still, thanks, Bert W.)


Happy Valentine’s Day, Peeps!

THIS JUST IN: Girl and Cow…nappingks!

Seriously, can you believe this!? Napping with a cow? Puh-lease. Is there any better nap companion than a cow in this sandweech posisihe?


Girl & Cow, originally uploaded by KCzarzasty.

Nice sleuthing, Mateo M. (M stands for moo)

THIS JUST IN: Lambo has a new home

Neck_hurtsRuhmember Lambo, the behbeh Lamb-Pants that showed up on a couple’s doorstep on New Year’s Eve? He has a new home on a farm now.

Apparently, some neighbors were considering lambo for dinner when Lambo was all "later!" and ran over to the Walkers home.

Read more on this redonkulous story here.

Don’t hurt your neck there, Lambo.

Thanks fer the follow-up, I-Wei.

This way to the rave, People

Check my blue hair and go-go boots, Baybee! [One ear flops from lack of hairspray]

[Pounding techno music in background]

CIMG1691, originally uploaded by LindseyNicole.

Nice Flicky find, Johanna S. 😉 I assume he is also wearing a pacifer and Dr. Seuss hat in other pics?

Emo Zebdonk

This lil’ hybrid is so cute—she looks like he has built-in lace-up shoe/hooves.


Lys W., thigh-highs are tewtelly in. Just ask Hayden Panettiere.

Hey Tuscaloosa Readers—missing a lamb?


The Associated Press is reporting "Lambo", a baby lamb, was found by RobWalker in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2008. Walker is caring for Lambountil his owner is found. 

Sender-Inner Cheri S., nice cuteporting. Lambo, nice horizontal ear exten-shons.

Kids love to jump on beds



Thanks to the MEEELLIONS of Peeps who sent this one in: Robin W., Tanya K., Kris O., Megan C., Anne, Ant, Brandy R., Jordan Y., and CM.

Dewds, check out my little shoulders

I’m like, half stuffed animal!!! Just look how cute they are! It’s like the knobby knees rule, only higher up!


Brige! Nice shoulder capturing.