This way to the rave, People

Check my blue hair and go-go boots, Baybee! [One ear flops from lack of hairspray]

[Pounding techno music in background]

CIMG1691, originally uploaded by LindseyNicole.

Nice Flicky find, Johanna S. ;) I assume he is also wearing a pacifer and Dr. Seuss hat in other pics?

Emo Zebdonk

This lil’ hybrid is so cute—she looks like he has built-in lace-up shoe/hooves.


Lys W., thigh-highs are tewtelly in. Just ask Hayden Panettiere.

Hey Tuscaloosa Readers—missing a lamb?


The Associated Press is reporting "Lambo", a baby lamb, was found by RobWalker in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2008. Walker is caring for Lambountil his owner is found. 

Sender-Inner Cheri S., nice cuteporting. Lambo, nice horizontal ear exten-shons.

Kids love to jump on beds



Thanks to the MEEELLIONS of Peeps who sent this one in: Robin W., Tanya K., Kris O., Megan C., Anne, Ant, Brandy R., Jordan Y., and CM.

Dewds, check out my little shoulders

I’m like, half stuffed animal!!! Just look how cute they are! It’s like the knobby knees rule, only higher up!


Brige! Nice shoulder capturing.

Even horses must soft kronsche

[Say in David Attenborough voice]

Most often seen in humans, but other species are know to want to kronsche a soft kitteh ear.

Mimi H. Deeeeeleeeeeeeeshous….. ;)

‘Tocktober at the Farm

Everybody celebrates ‘Tocktober. Even bebeh piglets.

[Please check out Mom, with all hooves up—OOOF]


Excellent curly-q tail capturing, Kei H.!

Bite-sized sheeps

Sender-Inner Ann K., figured out a way to taste-test sheeps.

Have them walk into your mouf!


Delectables, Ann K. [Glurp]


Re-donk, People! (YOu knew I was gonna say that.)

Check out this mini-donk. He’s all in a "Got Milk?" campaign with that muzzlepowshe. Points for knee knobs.


Teeniest of hooves clopping in thanks for you, Maggie H.


These Al-packs look like your favorite coat—the one that you wore in 1987 with the fur-like collar and plaid puffy jacket parts.

Only better. And following Rule #10.


Lilac B. Excellent sleuthing and shooting. BRAVA!!!


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