Imperial Alpacas

Have arrived and are going to sniff this situation out.

Just stand still and they should pass over you in a second.

They only travel in a massive, sniffing mob, Nancy A. Snorf.

Il Matadeer!

The crowd falls still as I enter the ring. At the far end stands my feared and respected enemy: Il Matadeer.

Oh, how they adore me.

He unfurls his cape before him. I lowermy head. It is our signal to begin. Soon, like my father, and hisfather before him, we will be locked in a dance of death, a timelessstruggle from which only one may … may … whuh-HUH?!  HEEEEYYYYY!!

And so it begins...

"Wake up, honey. You were having the bullfight dream again."

"I was not!"

"You do realize that we’re deer, don’t you?"


"It’s all right, sweetie. I’m going to the kitchen — would you like a salt lick?"



(sigh…) "Thanks, Mom."

Now, where was I?

Dream big, Angela B.

Get me my English to Goatlish Dictionary

I love the little pathetic “yeeeeeeeessss!” at the end. At least that’s what my English to Goatlish dictionary said he meant.

Adrian W., I won’t charge you for the translation this time.

Well exscuuuuuuuuuse me, Princess!

As happy as a pig in s@#$!!?

According to the Mail Online, this lil’ piglet was very fearful of mud and refused to step in it with her brothers and sisters. Quick-thinking farmers supplied mini rain boots and boom, she jumped in! Klop klop klop


Thanks to all alert cuteologists who sent this one in, ‘specially NTMTOM. Oh, and exscuuuuuse me, Princess! Thanks, Bobbeh.

Holy Bacon Bits!

A nice little vid about a (mini) piglet farm. Makes these mini-bacon-schnozzles look DOWNRIGHT snugglable!

I can’t HELP but make the tiniest of snorting sounds while watching this, Tony E.!

The Scrawniest Neck of All Time

I swear to you People that I did NOT Photoshop this Dewd’s neck. I did NOT, he came that way.


Jaleh A., NOTHING beats an awkward ‘n’ gangly baby llama with leetle leeps

I snorf your hand as you touch my face

Sooooooo typical of a baby lamb. The old "snorf-back" trick.

I like the old biddies in the background, they’re Gossip Centralâ„¢.

Extra points for the knobbular knee action, Sandra E.

A very special donk

Doesn’t it totally sound like the post of this is; "This week, on a very special Blossom episode…"

But seriously folks, Check out this knobbular donk.


Apparently, donkeh twins are very rare, and since it was a tight fit in the womb, one donk got knocked (but very cute!) knees. Read more here!


Ehn! Go little donkeh go! (You too, Emily S.)

The day the lamb moved in

For six weeks, this behbeh lamb had to live inside the house ’cause he had a broke leggle. Check out the disdain from this pup;


And helpful licking action from this pup LOL:


Meanwhile, the cat moved into the barn (can’t blame him):


Thanks for chronicling all this action, K. Snyder ;)

Tiny piglet squeals of delight!

Please get a hold of these TINY SQUEALERS. No I mean it, literally, pick one up, it will seriously squeal.

Elizabeth J., nice mini-bacon-bit-action goin’ on there.


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