Flashback Friday

Keep up the great Flashback Friday submissions, peeps! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the memories!

“This is my Nana when she was around 16 or 17, in the late 1930s. This was taken while she was growing up in Germany and had to do an obligatory  “Landfrauenjahr” (year of land service). Usually girls were sent to work on a farm – hence the animals! She hated her year there, but found joy in looking after the animals. She survived WWII and emigrated to Canada, where I’m writing this from! I love your website – it makes me so happy inside!” -Britt.


Spring Fling

Thees weell make you so happy you weell theenk eet ees spreeng(-like)!



Cutest Paw lambykins.
More sweet little dairy cows from Kimberly P.
Edgar’s Mission piggeh!

Something in the Way She Moos

Oh come on! Princess Di eyes action on a moo-ette? Evidently so… And, where else but on CO?

“Look at the sweet little dairy cow I met.” -Kimberly P.

Maaaaaa of La Mancha

The La Mancha Goat? What in blue blazes is a La Mancha Goat? Is it one of Don Quixote’s sidekicks? Maaaaaybe. The La Mancha is the only breed of dairy goat developed in the United States. Well, huh. Their milk is high in butterfat. Mmmmbutterfatmmm. And, they’re known for having tiny, “gopher” or “elf” ears! Squee!

Now surely there is some mistake. It’s a goat, it must be La Muncha.

“These are hours-old LaMancha girls, our first babies of the season! Suffice it to say, my work has suffered since they have arrived. I work at Broken Shovels Farm, a micro-dairy in Henderson, CO. Every person who works here is committed to ethical treatment of farm animals and the belief that every single animal should receive the same high level of care, no matter their purpose.” -Amber H.


Porker up, for a big slop-py kees. Romantic and aromatic!

Blossom and Snuffles kissing! More at Edgar’s Mission on Facebook!

Bombogenesis Visits Watkins Glen

[Note: Had NO clue what a “Bombogenesis” was. Had to Bing It. -Ed]

The tireless Meredith T. of Farm Sanctuary digs way out and checks in. “With a large swath of the country digging out from Bombogenesis (that’s what they’re calling it! I swear!)..”

“I wanted to send you an adorable gallery of images of ‘Farm Animals in Snow.'”

“Just picture it— precious ducks, pigs and cows prancing and frolicking in snow.”

“I’m not sure why, but people never think about farm animals being in the snow.”

“These sweet images from our Watkins Glen, NY shelter have an element of magic and surprise..”

2013_01-02_FSNY_Diane_pig_left_Linus_pig_right_CREDIT_Farm_Sanctuary 108
“…. I think your readers would enjoy!”


Are Ya READY, Boots?

Start walkin’!

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These Boots Are Made For Walkin! from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

FAVE FRAME™: This guy (whose name is “Boots”) is ALL OVER that video. Look at that smirk!

From Kyle at Edgar’s Mission.

Your Steak Wants Dog

“Uh, look, Elsie… you’re a sweet kid and all, but you’re coming on a little strong for me, so I’ll just — Whoa! Did you feel that? Did somebody just let a snake in here?!”

JUST In Time For Gift Giving

Tired of the ads for Chia Pets, (do they still do those?) beer-making kits, and slippers that fall apart before New Year’s Day? We’ve got just the thing…..

QTE Farmster Animuhls.

Now, you know Farm Sanctuary– we’ve featured their critters on C.O. from time to time.

They do good work- protecting farm animuhls from cruelty. Like these guys! (See hovers for names & creditos.)

Now you can adopt one for yourself!

Think of the gift-giving possibilities!

They are all part of their Adopt a Farm Animal Program….

…and come with an adoption certificate, a color photograph, a decal, and a VIP tour to meet your sponsored animal. (NY area shelter is in Watkins Glen) or Northern California (shelter in Orland) or the LA area (shelter in Acton, a 45 minute drive from Hollywood.)

Thanks to Meredith T.

Say, Are You Guys Goats?

Well, howdy! I always wanted to meet some goats, because I’ve never seen a goat before, seeing as how I’m not a goat n’all. Hey, don’t you goats get bored, stuck here on the farm all the time? See, I’m totally not a goat, I can go where I want, so I don’t know what that’s like. But hey, I’ll bet you goats are warm under all that wool, am I right? Day like this, I’d have to put a sweater on or I’d freeze my hooves off… um, I mean fingers. Because I’m not a goat. Well-p, think I’ll mosey into town…

Via Modern Farmer.