Bombogenesis Visits Watkins Glen

[Note: Had NO clue what a “Bombogenesis” was. Had to Bing It. -Ed]

The tireless Meredith T. of Farm Sanctuary digs way out and checks in. “With a large swath of the country digging out from Bombogenesis (that’s what they’re calling it! I swear!)..”

“I wanted to send you an adorable gallery of images of ‘Farm Animals in Snow.'”

“Just picture it— precious ducks, pigs and cows prancing and frolicking in snow.”

“I’m not sure why, but people never think about farm animals being in the snow.”

“These sweet images from our Watkins Glen, NY shelter have an element of magic and surprise..”

2013_01-02_FSNY_Diane_pig_left_Linus_pig_right_CREDIT_Farm_Sanctuary 108
“…. I think your readers would enjoy!”


Are Ya READY, Boots?

Start walkin’!

These Boots Are Made For Walkin! from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

FAVE FRAME™: This guy (whose name is “Boots”) is ALL OVER that video. Look at that smirk!

From Kyle at Edgar’s Mission.

Your Steak Wants Dog

“Uh, look, Elsie… you’re a sweet kid and all, but you’re coming on a little strong for me, so I’ll just — Whoa! Did you feel that? Did somebody just let a snake in here?!”

JUST In Time For Gift Giving

Tired of the ads for Chia Pets, (do they still do those?) beer-making kits, and slippers that fall apart before New Year’s Day? We’ve got just the thing…..

QTE Farmster Animuhls.

Now, you know Farm Sanctuary- we’ve featured their critters on C.O. from time to time.

They do good work- protecting farm animuhls from cruelty. Like these guys! (See hovers for names & creditos.)

Now you can adopt one for yourself!

Think of the gift-giving possibilities!

They are all part of their Adopt a Farm Animal Program….

…and come with an adoption certificate, a color photograph, a decal, and a VIP tour to meet your sponsored animal. (NY area shelter is in Watkins Glen) or Northern California (shelter in Orland) or the LA area (shelter in Acton, a 45 minute drive from Hollywood.)

Thanks to Meredith T.

Say, Are You Guys Goats?

Well, howdy! I always wanted to meet some goats, because I’ve never seen a goat before, seeing as how I’m not a goat n’all. Hey, don’t you goats get bored, stuck here on the farm all the time? See, I’m totally not a goat, I can go where I want, so I don’t know what that’s like. But hey, I’ll bet you goats are warm under all that wool, am I right? Day like this, I’d have to put a sweater on or I’d freeze my hooves off… um, I mean fingers. Because I’m not a goat. Well-p, think I’ll mosey into town…

Via Modern Farmer.

Full Service Goat Station

Fill ‘er up, please! And check the tires while you’re at it, thanks.

“Apparently the goats at the petting zoo REALLY like human babies, but she doesn’t look too amused.” -Nadine B.

Vintage Cliché Spoiler

For countless generations, anyone expressing incredulity or skepticism could rely upon the phrase “I’ll believe that when pigs fly.” By absurdly granting the common pig, perhaps that most earthbound of animals, the gift of flight, the maxim became a plainspoken, potent expression of the impossible.

And then this happened.

A Lesson in Cheese

Everybody ready?

Say cheese!

Ahh, the power of cheese!

Everybody loves cheese!

What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

There are so many kinds to choose from!

Now with 50% more CHEESE!

Cheese, cheese, cheese-0-rama!

“Here is my dog Mus (pronounced moose) at his cutest! He hates water but tolerates the boogie board!” -Big fan of your site, Rachel H.
“Chameleon.” -Reddit.
“This is Grady, our 8 year-old chihuahua and she’s loving some sunny weather in Seattle.” -Andie P.
“My cat, Newton, loves cuddles and purrs so hard that he starts to drool. If you look closely you can see it on his right side. Thank you for your site … it is definitely a bright spot in my day.” – Sharon L.
“Cute seal.” -Imgur/Reddit.
“Baby goat at Carl Sandburg National Historic Site in North Carolina, where the legendary poet lived for the last 27 years of his life and his wife had a thriving goat farm on the property.” -Gary and Brenda C.
“Pippa, our 11-year old Chihuahua, turning on that 30-kilowatt charm of hers.” -Arliss R.
“Whale.” -Reddit.

Don’t Hog the Grog

In one corner, we have the scrappy hometown favorite, Willy the Kid. In the other, Charlie the Brown Lemur, rolling up his sleeves and coming out swinging. Both are ready to rumble for the numnums! Who will win? More importantly, who is cuter?

Willie and Charlie live at Exotic Animal Experience, Orlando, FL. Via YouTube

Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Cute Bag

And smile!



“I came across this little smiling goat on We Heart It today! I just can’t deal!” – Marla C.
Alpaca with bedroom eyes from Michelle H.
Cute giraffe smiling, taken at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado by Erin and Jason Y.


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