To Believe, or not to Believe

There is some major side-eye suspicion on this pup’s holiday face. Ya think Santa’s feelings might be a little hurt right now?

“Aisa (Cavalier King Charles) at Christmas. Aisa likes to guard all of the presents.” Picture taken by Holly in Leighton Buzzard, England.


Counting on You Now, Tongue!

Sneef – sneef! You bet your snoopy snack I can sneak it. I’m a snooper and it’s a snack. (tongue snakes out)

“This is my dog Kiba, a 1.5 year old Finnish Lapphund. He loves his dog cookies. This is a picture of him pining for his cookie on the counter…just barely out of his reach.” -Rose E.

Laundry? What laundry?

Oh. This laundry?

Don’t worry, I’m on top of it.

“I’m getting tired of my puppy’s half-assed attempts at doing laundry. He starts off well, separating lights from darks: Then he just gives up. Bad, puppy! Those should be pre-treated. His name is “Chomper,” and the photo was taken by Maria. Love your site!” – Scott T.

Oh Don’t Be Jealous

Just because Lolita has a matchinks stuffy.

And you don’t.
… …do you? (shifty eyes)
Lolita, by Huy D.

Clover is Sittin’ Pretty

Clover’s back! And better than ever! But, where did she come from?

“I came home one day two summers ago and discovered this little foundling in my fenced backyard. 10ish weeks old, scruffy, no tags, no collar, no chip. Attempts to find from whence she came failed. No one was looking for her, and I finally decided she must’ve been looking for me. She’s called Clover because she popped up in the backyard. And because she’s lucky.”

(“How did she get over the fence?)
The universe sends you a border collie, you don’t ask questions. But . . .I have another, older border collie. My theory is some kids brought home this puppy and when she started to exhibit puppy piddly behavior the parents decided it wasn’t for them. “Give her to that lady down the street; she’ll know what to do with her.” Six-foot fence, but there were no locks on the gates. The other theory is that one of my friends made her acquaintance and thought she’d make the perfect addition to my household. I’ve grilled the likely suspects over the years, but no one has ever fessed up. Attached is another photo of her during that phase when she was figuring out whether she would have floppy ears or pointy ears. I was always a little disappointed she didn’t decide to stick with one of each.”

– P. H.

Sit! Stay! Splay?

We’ve got splayage of various degrees floppin’ all over the place heah!

This is Clover, before she learned to sit like a lady. -P.H. (This calls for, nay, demands, a sequel!)

It’s Pillowtuplets!

Look! The pillow gave birth! And I helped deliver the babies!

Alyson B., your puppy is also guilty of Eyebrow Dawts!!!!

Rupert Aces the Audition

All right, it says here your name is Rupert, very nice to meet you. If you could turn to the left so we could get a profile, please…

No, your left; OK, never mind. Now, in this picture, you’d be playing a character with lots of pent-up anger, seething and boiling within him until he can’t take it and he explodes with rage. So start from page six and let’s see what you can do…

No, that’s kind of a happy look. Show us some anger…

Ah, let’s try something else, forget the script for a minute. You’re poor and hungry, you’ve been waiting in line for hours, and just when you get to the counter, the lady says “sorry, we ran out of soup, come back tomorrow.” Aaaaand, go.

Uhhhmmm… right.

Well, we’ve got your headshot, and we’ll let you know if anything comes up. Next…

Via Andrea Arden, dog trainer.

Are You Lookin’ at Me?

Are you lookin’ at me, huh? You lookin’ at me?

Are… you… lookin’… at… me?

Well, whaddya know, you are lookin’ at me…

Lacey seeing herself in the mirror

Pic and vid of Lacey by jelene.

Is There a Dotter in the House?

Do you suffer from a cute fatigue? When a cute fatigue strikes you, listen to your dotter. Take two eyebrow dots and call us in the morning.

Warninks: Eyebrow dots are known to cause feelings of dizzyness, excessive mindless babbling and may remove you from this plane of existence. But, that’s a small price to pay.

Michelle C.’s pup sez: “Hi, My name is Monty and I live in Dublin! I’m 18 weeks old and I personally think I’m the cutest cavalier!!!”