Call it what you want:


*Voodoo Eye

*Evil Whammy

*Glare of Death

Anyway you slice it, whoever put the Reindeer Antlers on this Frenchie is….totally toast. “Hello! Found on Pinterest- here is a Frenchie who is really enjoying his new Christmas photo antlers. Except not QUITE, haha…he could TOTALLY give the most disapproving rabbit a run for its money, and that’s BIG! I would walk away… Slowly. (Unless I had snausages.) I love you guys at Cute Overload! XO, Eva H.”

*Harvie did the header.


Absolutely UNHEARD OF

Kodie throwing off some MASSIVE Side-Eye. Unprecedented.

From Kodie’s Instagram.

Lots Of Tocks: One Week To Go!

‘Tocktober first is right around the corner, People! We’re going to celebrate with our traditional 24 Hours of ‘Tocks! Glorious full-color ‘Tocks, all-day-long! Got some ‘Tocks you’d like to see on C.O.? Send ’em over! (*Note: ‘Tocktober First is already 50% full- IE, not a lot of room left! Just FYI.)


Meet Buttonz: The Shichon Craze Continues

This is the fourth set of Shichon photos we’ve received in the last week, and second for today! I must confess I’d never seen nor heard of a Shichon before. But now that I have, I desperately want one. Like Buttonz right here.

photo 2

“This is Buttonz, my Shichon puppy. Pix were taken by mom, Felicia M.”

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

Headline THIS: Gary, You’re A Butthead

[*UPDATE 1:05pm PT: Gayle FTW! Our next Headline THIS on Monday will feature the new 2016 C.O. Calendar as the prize! -Ed.]

A perfect Headline THIS if there ever was one- image thanks to Arne who found it on Write up your fave header and we’ll post our favorite at 1pm PT. Hopefully.

Charles In Charge

Charles is really workin’ that Side-Eye. Snorgles and many treats are imminent, I say again: IMMINENT. Sent in by Raelin S. Photo by Jordan L.