International Rabbit Day Ees TODAY!

And it also happens to be BUNDAY! Such a coincidence!


Animated GIF from MSN Now, and second image of Bubbleman Bunneh from Instagram.

Go On, Have A Cow, Dude

It’s National Farm Animals Awareness Week! So we thought you should be aware of this lil’ dude. Or dudette.

(Thanks to Sender-Inner Megin M. and her cowhorts Alterra Coffee and Sassy Cow Creamery.)

Poll: Cute Or Ugly?

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society* has decided that this creature, the aptly-named “Blobfish,” is the Ugliest Creature In The World.

(*Editorial Disclaimer: I happen to think there is NO such thing as an Ugly Animuhl- they are all beautiful in their own way. Even….spiders.)

What do YOU think? Cute…or Ugly?


*This bunch did a YT video on this. But the video is so bad, not gonna give ’em a link. Wouldn’t be prudent.

Photo Assignment Day #5: ZZZZZ

Four down, two to go!

Welcome to Photo Assignment Day #5 for 2013. Send us a photo of the strangest place your pet has fallen asleep. We might (..yawn..) just publish it here on Cute Overload….(yawn)…so…get on that and..(yawn)…tie-tie go sleep now. (Clunk.)

Cat_Sleeping_TrainSleeping CatDownloadedFile-12
I swear someone did not just send me these pics in some lame PowerPoint. All pics are Internet floaters (ew that sounds gross), and mostly thanks to Uncle Wire.

Is The 10:15 Running Late, Tama?

Japan is just piling on at this point.

“Please, please consider adding this to the Japan Cute Assault arsenal: Tama the cat saved the train line AND spawned a cat-themed train!” -Amy H.



We featured Tama several years back. Tama is “Super Station Master and Operating Officer at Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.” From FB.


Nuts, the plush Tama stuffies are out of stock. Maybe you’d like the book instead? (Of course there’s a book.)




Happy Birthday, Megster

I hurried over here as quick as I could, hope I’m not too…hey, where’s the cake?

(Mea Culpa-City for forgetting MF’s birthday wuz on July 30th- we stand totally chagrined. Or chastised. Or..something. Original post concept by NTMTOM, re-tweak by Pyrit.)

CO’s Got Your Butt Bed Covered

In the beginning, there was the original butt bed. Then CO created another butt bed, and then another kind of butt bed.

However, there was an early attempt at butt bed. There have also been butt bowls, butt hats and butt shoes! Yep, we’re getting to the bottom of the butt beds.


Kate & Wills Lof Teh Cute!

The new Prince has been dubbed, George! Orly? You don’t say. Very well. Then we shall hug heem and squee heem and call heem, George!!!

By George!

Very Curious, George.

“I cannot tell a lie.”


Saturday Flashback: The Eagle Has Landed

595px-Apollo_11_insignia (I know, it doesn’t have the alliteration that “Friday Flashback” has.)

Anyway. This is history heah.

It was 44 years ago this very night that man first landed on the moon. You remember, it was in ALL the papers!

Photo by the incredible Greg Downing.

Photo Assignment Day #4: Hot Fun In The Summah-time…

Photo Assignment Day #4 is here! Send us a photo of how your pet (or any animal) likes to stay cool in the summer. We might post them on this here very website. Now pass those Popsicles & turn up the tunes!

“We adopted Wally the Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot when he was 23 years old and had had two previous owners. He will live well into his sixties and I have promised him a forever home!” –Kris B.


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