Puppy Talks in Sleep, Hearts Captured

Well, that’s adorabuhls.

Via TeddyHilton.com

Did U Bike To Work Today?

Some sites say it’s today, other sites say it’s tomorrow! Hmmm, looks like it varies from city to city. Whatever, Porkey decided to roll ’em today- but no helmet?

“This is Porkey, she’s an African Pygmy Chameleon. She’s in a bike gang with me (her mom.) Porkey is in such good shape and likes to eat fruit flies.” -Lindsay E.

Revenge Of The Fifth

[Yesterday was May The Fourth Be With You, so natch today is the “Revenge Of The Fifth.” -Ed.]

I’ll bet Lord Vadah doesn’t like bellah rubs.


From Dog House Diaries.com.

PROOF That They’re WAY Smarter Than We Are

As if we all didn’t already know that. They’re using us for their own amusement. (And there aren’t even any CATS in this!)

Spotted by Smedley.

Rats, It’s Monday And I STILL Hate Broccoli

An encore presentaysh for sure, and well worth it. It’s Monday, and I cannot stand broccoli. However, this time I did SPELL it right, so that’s something.


Are those God-forsaken kids gone!?

Yes, I think it’s finally over Gabriele B.

[*Note: This concludes our Easter Bunday Mini-Marathon, fueled by countless Cadbury Cream Eggs, Speckled Malted Milk Balls, and more than a few Sees Chocolate Suckers. We now return to our regular Bunday evening programming. -Ed.]

Who Needs Easter EGGS?

In this Encore from 2012, we see that all Teddy really needs is a little green…something. What, no corn on the cob in your basket, TB?

Our Easter Bunday Mini-Marathon continues…

Just A Little Taste, C’Mon!

This one’s an Encore and totally worth another look- c/o Edward and Rachel N. “This was shared with us on Facebook and I had to share with you guys,” they wrote. [*Note- FB video continues to be wonky for us, so we grabbed a version on YouTube. Enjoy. -Ed.]

BY REQUEST™: Where’s Bea?

[*Note: A few C.O. Readers brought up “Where’s Bea?” in the Comments section of yesterday’s Winter post. Five years later, here’s Bea. -Ed.]

Sense of direct-shons? No.


Eve S., Where’s Bea!?


The Cute Overload Rules of Cuteness Rule #45 specifies that if you have ‘pygmy’ in your species name, you’re auto-magically cute. The pygmy Jerboa [AKA Tiny Head with Feet] is no exception:

This Submishe is from Sender-Inner Polarity Pictures [*Note: And in 2015: Susan M. -Ed.]


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