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Ham hits the spot!

For more Kokolinka go to pyza’s photostream. Additional thanks to Klara S.

Happy Dolphin-Horse-Pig Day!

Combing thru the massive CO computer database (A Google Calendar with a lot of dates typed in) we find that today happens to be a CONFLUENCE of three happy occasions.

It’s the beginning of Dolphin Awareness Month, and it’s also National Pig Day and National Horse Protection Day!

We have to give plenty of love today to our Cute Friends, whether they swim, gallop, or grunt! So the next Dolphin, Horseh or Piggeh U see, give ’em a high fin hoof five! w00t!

(Alex S. sent in that last video FYI)

Equal Time For Sledding Possums

Why? Because Ratatouille the sledding possum also has a cute sweateuw and cute music and he is all, “Yo, Fabulous Pug Models, check me out. Whee. I’m gonna get your pom poms.” Also because, this vid is now a CO tradition:

Fave Frame:

Ma nuh ma nuh, YouTube be-doo-doo.

The C.O. Guide to Norse Mythological Demigods

Nearly forgotten among the lesser Norse deities is Geirgaardsenjansvaaldul, a helpful household imp often depicted with the body of a kitten and the head of a 1967 Buick Skylark.

Never depicted without his tools, including his mighty HaammurSchlankenKlaff (Hammer of Very Urgent Banging), Geirgaardsenjansvaaldul was the God of Household Repairs, said to intercede when appliances that mysteriously stop working mysteriously start working again for no reason.

From my days in the peanut gallery. Qui M. was the sender-inner.

We’re Off to C the Blizzard

Now that Winter Storm Nemo is history, Winter Storm “Q” has arrived! A name which begs to ask, Y? It’s quirky, it’s quaint. We like to think it’s “Q” for Qte.

Dakota B.’s pup says this storm is like Deja Q all over again.


The printed word cannot even begin to describe how awesome Bambi is. Not gonna try.






From the Outta This World Flickr of Soggydan.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 7:17AM

The Sound Of Love Ees Een The Air and it sounds like…our pal Teddy Bear! [Totally rhymes, cool. -Ed]

Updated With Subtitles, from Zooniversity.

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…

Back ‘Atcha, Sports Illustrated!

The 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is now out! With that, we thought we’d revisit some of the best CO swimsuit shots from the past several years!






Photos 1-3 of Hazel from Rocket T. Photo 4 from Emma and Esther C. Photo 5 of Ted from Rosalie T. Photo 6 from John Lindie.

Look Into My Paws…

I’d only seen a mini version of this clip. Josh Norem sent a full-length version with the PS, “The classics, they still hold up today.”

So true.

We’ve Found Nemo—He’s Headed To Boston And NYC

Boston, New York City and the northeast USA are in for some heavy winter weather with Winter Storm Nemo. (When The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore is headed your way- there’s trouble.)

While some of our animuhl friends may love the snow, there’s also a serious side to the weather for ’em, like making sure they are well taken care of! So read this and then hunker down!

[Sounds better than “Batten down those hatches!” Who has hatches? -Ed]




Creditos: Videos of Ella The Wheatie from Laura C. Photos: 1) Hank’s photograph by Gary, submitted by Angela. 2) Clifford from Kelsey S. 3) Chibi Da Yorkster from Tiffany L. 4) Sophie sent in by Leah.


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