If You Liked High Diving Giraffes…

…then “Elephant Jumping On Trampoline” should be right up your alley. Thanks to Commenter Baileysgrandmom for the teep!

PS -For the folks on Facebook who thought the giraffes were real (face palm,) say it with me. “THIS. IS. COMPUTER. GENERATED.”


Dear CO, Having A Blast On Vacation…

…and the elephants are very friendly. And, um, wet. XO, Risha S.

(She sent this snap in from her Nepal vaca. That’s her on the heffalump.)

Bebeh Trunkster has Crush on Hoomin!

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Nope, not at all.

Fave Frame:

Teri C. shared this with us from her crush on YouTube.

Playtime 4 Baby Trunkster Navann

Elizabeth O. sent this one in. “You featured this little guy a while back, so I started following him on FB. This is a recent video—the best part is around 1:50.”

[She’s right. What a little hoser, eh? -Ed]

Here’s the website of where Navster lives.

All in the Family

Moses the African elephant was in rough shape and orphaned until he was found and adopted by the big family at the Jumbo Foundation.

Now he’s got it all – dogs, people, meelks, a big bed and lots of room to play and roam.

I always thought my family was a mishmash of wonderful weirdos until I saw these photos send in by Beverly W. via YAHOO! News.

Scootin’ Baby Trunkster Is Back!

Remember Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster? He’s back, and he’s brought the family! Super photos at The Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve, South Africa from Alex T.







Camels Must Have Weak Backs

‘Cuz I’ve got lots of straws on me and I’m just fine.

My mom says I’m real strong.

Photo by Adam Berry of Getty Images

Remember, Everything In Moderation Tonight!

Just like this little guy is showing us! [Looks like he’s guzzling to me. -Ed]

Be safe out there tonight!

Sent in by Beverly W, who spotted the Denis Farrell photo on Yahoo! News.

Baby Navann Gets a Bigger Bathtub!

Still not big enough for mom.

Fave Frame™

I love a good sequel, Mindy P. We’ll be sure to check in at Save Elephant Foundation to keep up with Navann’s hijinks!

Bathtime Is Fun!

If you are six days old, it’s your first bath and you’re an olyphant named Navann.

Fave Frame™

Navann, you are a superstar! Thank you, Mindy for sending in this excellent video. To keep up with Navann and all the elephants at Elephant Nature Park, visit Save Elephant Foundation.