Elephant Elefont

Elephants. Is there anything they can’t do? Have you seen the elephant alphabet? It’s not irrelephant, it’s elephantastic.


Elefont created by Mirko Humbert. More at Daily Design.


Oh Yes Juan, These Will Do

Got an email with a McLinkersons on it (aka a Uniform Resource Locater) that led to some terrif photos. So whatta we do? POST’ EM, natch. From Cuteporter Juan C.





Le Individual Photo Creditos~
1) Sonja P.
2) Oliver B.
3) Owen H.
4) William A.

Do Our Tails Make Our ‘Tocks Look Big?

A trifecta of tiny tailed ‘tock titans:



“Peeg ‘tocks, from Dropstone Farms, Orting, Washington. He’s certainly having a good time wallowing in his mud soup! ” -Susan H.
“Taciturn pachyderm at Woodland Zoo, Seattle, WA. Despite much coaxing and cajoling from onlookers, (s)he was having nothing to do with any of us.”  -Addicted follower, Margaret M.
“This lovely okapi lives at the London Zoo. A shy creature that originates from the Congo , was discovered in 1901.” -Helen  O. “PS Your site is my happiest addiction! Thank you for the overload of cute you share!!!”

Wake Up Wake Up Wake UP

It’s time to go chase the roosters! Can’t you hear ’em? Let’s GO! Rise ‘N’ Shine!!

“I stumbled across this ADORABLE video of a baby elephant trying to wake his pup friend to presumably play with him! The best part starts at 1:40 where you can see the ehn! from baby ele!” -Sarah P. as seen on Dogheirs.com.

Bubbles ‘N’ Bella: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Bubbles the ResQte Heffalump loves to play with Lab Pal Bella, as you can see! Deets via Mail Online : amazing photos by Barry Bland.





~Additional Creditos~

*Submitted by Phred’s Mom/Doris V-N.
*Video on YT posted by Myrtle Beach Safari.

This Baby is All About Speed

Check out the 2013 Trrrunskterrr! Outrageous, ultimate, powerful, stylish! Able to burn up the track at sizzling speeds …eventually.

“We have a gallery of cute animal photos.” Thanks to Rob A. of WQIK radio!

Come On In! The Water’s bbllllggg spllsssh wmmphhh

Last one in is a splooshy-splashy roly-poly pachyderm!

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 4.17.40 PM
Via YouTube

Swimming Trunks

Mom & bebeh heffalumps coolin’ off at the Hannover Zoo in Germany.

Totally unbeatable headline by SFGate.com. Photo By Jochen Lübke/AFP/Getty Images.

Flashback Friday

Let’s go back to 2005. First YouTube vid evar! And eet’s got trunksters!
“The cool thing about these guys is they have really, really, really long …trunks.”

“Me at the zoo” by jawed

What’s Up, Dok?

“We put together a montage of little elephant Dok Mai’s adorable moments at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are travel bloggers who are based in Chiang Mai and love animals (and your website too). I go to ENP about twice a month just to be with the elephants there and I’ve fallen in love with Dok Mai so lately I’ve spent most of my time with her.” -ขอบคุณ to Cuteporter Ligeia.