Sloths Love Halloween- Who Knew?

ZSL London Zoo resident Edward The Bebeh Sloth is getting ready for his very first Halloween. By….nomming up some pumpkin with help from his Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin pals.


The Crawl of Duty

Hey… you there… must crawl… to where… you are…


Important… message… to tell… you… Almost… there…


Sand… hot… Strength… fading… Must… con… tin… u… e…


You have… spinach in… teeth… Will get… toothpick… Wait… here…


Via Jared Sternberg.

Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!

Bebeh Octopi coming online! Ehn!

(Thank you Eve S.)

New Maru: He IS NOT Gonna Try And Get In There!

Oh yes he is.

How Do U Weigh A Bebeh Koala?

Well, you try to plop his little ‘Tocks next to a Koala Stuffy, or course. Now you MUST have the Speakers Up for this one. Ehn! Ehn!


Bebeh Sloths. ON A JUNGLE GYM!

Just sit back and watch ’em go. Make sure the speakers are UP for the EHN!!!

Oh, let’s have ONE MORE, shall we?

(First video seen on Arbroath; both from The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, a C.O. fave.)

It’s My Coming Out Party!

This is my breakthrough moment! The day I come out of my shell and start hatching my own plans! So everybody show up and egg me on!


Via U.S. Geological Survey.


Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad some nice person left half an orange here?


“Little dude loves his orange,” notes Redditor dbomb65.

Peeping Tom Panda

When you’re born short and squatty, you gotta do what you gotta do, if you wanna take a look at the big world out there!

Baby panda struggles to see

‘Scuse Me- Does Anybody Haz A Kleenex?

[Got a booger in my eye ya see. Snerf. And I jus’ woke up.]

Yes, he’s on a pumpkin stem. From Maggie D. See more of the Whimsy Turtle here.