Does This Mask Make My Nose Look Big?

It doesn’t, but you’re a prime candidate for Nosevember anyway! However, this photo was submitted with the subject line of “Halloween Pic,” so we’re going with that. “Here’s my Greyhound Hannah; photo taken by me, Deb H.”



Which one is gonna blink first? Hard to tell. “Larkyn is at it again with the animals on her face! I love how this little guy looks like he has his little hand on his chin.” -Joy.

Only Four Months To Go

“I have no idea what Peggy wants when she makes this face. Maybe…she’s just wondering what kind of trouble she can stir up.” -Mary H.

Just Drop The Biscuit Right HERE

[Well? I’m WAITING! What, never seen a Nose Head before?] (From DP&F.)

Sherman The Sleepy Slobberknocker

There’s just no way we could hold this one until Saturday, Nosevember First. No way. ‘Sides, it’s after 9. Time for bed.

From Emily S.

(Nosevember Preview!) Manny The Maniac

Remember M The M from earlier this year? He’s back, and he would like you to nose that he has a mellow side, too. “This is after he runs around like crazy. Our wonderful English Lop Rescue Bunny.” -Maddy, Jodi and Jacy.

(Nosevember Preview!) Um…..Wow

When we started asking for Nosevember Submissions, little did we know what would be lurking in our in-box! This Nose, and what’s attached to it- belongs to Kiki, and the Sender Inner and Photographer happens to be Kelly N.

The Nosevember Submissions Are Rollin’ Een!

Thanks for all the great emails/images- keep ’em coming! (Please?) This one just arrived: “We love his little white V! As someone on C.O. commented on a previous Bogart post, it’s like an arrow showing you where to Boop!” -Andrea S.

Schnozzles NEEDED!

The end of ‘Tocktober 2014 is fast approaching, and you Nose what THAT means. We need your best Pet Schnozzles photos! All month long, we’re going to feature a varity of Prime Prosh Probosci. (Is that a word? The plural of “Proboscis?”) Anyways, you know what to do! Featured Bun Photo via Shutterstock.

ResQte O’ The Week 3: The Miracle Of Micro Fiber Sheets

“This is Clementine…our new rescue pup. She has recently discovered the magic of micro fiber fleece sheets. We call her “Sad Clown Face” but she is happy as can be. (Many thanks to my twin, Jennifer B., for capturing this snoozy moment!) And thank you, Cute Overload, for taking the time to glance at our new-found happiness!” -Janice P.