“This is Penny, she’s 11 weeks old and been exploring the forests of Vancouver Island since 7 weeks old.” -Ryan C.


Kaly ResQte Of The Week UPDATE!

Remember Kaly? The little ResQte puppeh stuck in India who needs to get to Canada? We’ve got an update for you from Jade L.

“I have updates on Kaly’s big adventure and I need your help again!

Kaly was supposed to arrive in Canada in the last week of May but just as she was getting ready for her big adventure to Canada, Goa put an embargo on pet travel! This means Kaly and all her friends at Dr. Marylin’s office are stuck there until it is lifted. She is with 9 other dogs all waiting to get to their homes. Here she is just two days ago.


The embargo should be lifted July 15 and the vet is getting Kaly a new crate so she can come as soon as it is lifted but I’ve been paying $15 a day since April out of my travel budget for her to be well taken care of there in Goa. Here she is back in April:

Now more than ever I need to make my $4000 goal on GoFundMe. I am $900 short and this little bit will make it so I can pay for her flight and finally be reunited with my baby.

You’ve already helped so much but if you could re-post my story it would mean the world to me!”

This Is Olivia Giroud Of Austin, Texas

“We adopted this little cutie from Austin Pets Alive on Saturday. Introducing our new puppy, Olivia Giroud (Oli for short, named after Arsenal footballer Olivier Giroud.) Cuteness to the extreme: she even squeaks when she runs!!” -Erica M. [Don’t forget the floppy ears and deadly Side-Eye. -Ed.]


ResQte Of The Week: What’s Up, Rock?

“Meet Rocky! We adopted him last Sunday at the America’s Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, CA. It’s a great organized pet adoption paradise that happens every year here. It was our 4th year attending, but only the first year we came home with a new family member. He was just soooo adorable we couldn’t pass him up! He’s a Chihuahua Mix (don’t know what with) and he’s such a good boy!” -Janeen D.

Anyone Here Order Some Ear Floppage?

You did? Good! One order comin’ RIGHT up! (DP&F.)

(Say Like Foghorn Leghorn:) Best Ear Floppage Evah, Son

“Here is my 4 month old Miniature Long Haired Dachshund, Titus!” -Jeff B.

Tour De Dogue!

“A cyclist with his dog in a backpack climbs the race route towards the finish line in Risoul prior to the arrival of the riders in the fourteenth stage of the Tour de France cycling race over 177 kilometers (110 miles) with start in Grenoble and finish in Risoul, France, Saturday, July 19, 2014.” Text and image provided by Susan M.