Modern Family

The guys at My Modern Met have a great story about Prairie Dogs Bing & Swarley, and their Biscuit The Doggeh, and their duckling Hugh and Halpert.










ResQte Of The Week: Dateline, Kennewick WA!

You’re a Mother Duck. You and your gang need help crossing the road. Who ya gonna call? No, NOT “Ghostbusters.” Call Officer Chad McGary of the Washington State Fish & Wildlife “Detachment 19,” (whatever that is.)

“Look Fellas! He Has The Same Color Fur As Us!”

[Yeah, but…where are his stubby little wings?]

(@CuteEmergency…original photo by Jake Olsen as seen here, thank-you Laura.)

Ready For An Afternoon Nap?

You’re not the only ones. KLUNK.

U.K. Ducksters: In-‘Tocks-i-cating

“Hi C.O., I hope this photo makes the cut for the ‘Yay winglets’ alone. P.S. – Isn’t it time we had a ‘downy juniors’ tag for our not yet feathered friends?” -Douri.

[OK. Now let’s take a look at those sentences. “Downy Juniors,” OK, I suppose that means fuzzy young guys. There’s your tag. But what does “Yay winglets” mean? Is that a UK thing? We have an email into Douri for clarification. -Ed.]

UPDATE! OK, here’s the “Winglets” thing.

“Happy body language – Winglets (you can’t call them wings) as if they were saying ‘Yay.’ Pictures taken in St. James’s Park, London, UK – the place of pigeon-eating pelicans and shamelessly greedy squirrels (recommended for anyone visiting London.)”

Disney Ducksters

Can’t say that I recall Disney’s Duck Tales. Oh, it ran from 1987-1990? That must be why. Regardless of that fact, anytime you get a bunch of Fuzzy Little Ducks running around wearing hats….that’s Cute. (A new Rule?) Catchy song, too- sounds like Huey Lewis.


The Grate Escape!

It seems Mom and her Mini Ducksters were waddlin’ along when PROBLEM they all drop through the storm grate. WHOOPS! However, a nice fellow comes along for the rescue!

Concord Paul & Barb, cooking out on Labor Day in the 925. (Update: stole Oakley’s header.)

You Guys! Get In Here! I Mean NOW!

So you have a mess of little ducksters wandering around near the barn, and it’s time to get ’em all inside. What do you do? Well, yell at ’em in Russian, of course.

From BuzzFeed via Andrew Y., who seems to be cheating on RN24.