THIS JUST IN: UK Duckling ResQte Of The Week!

Maintenance worker Gary Bartoszewski was going about his day when what did he see but BIG TROUBLE! Some bebeh ducksters had taken a dive down a sewer grate in Doncaster, South Yorkshire UK. (This happens far too often! Don’t they read the signs? Whoops, one more.)

Naturally, Gary sprang into action, and was able to haul the little guys up and out, to be reunited with Mom!


The Thrill Of Victory

Watch this little Duckling- we’re betting she’s named Pip- take a dip for the very first time!

TY, Brianna V.!

The New Adventures Of Pancake!

Tiny, fluffy, but please hold the butter and syrup. Paul P. over the Big Pond in the UK just alerted us to the story of Pancake The Duckster, who lives with his adopted hoomin and takes trips to a Manchester office where he is (rightfully) adored. Follow Pancake on Twitter, of course.

And, you know- Ducksters are a big deal in the UK- why, they’ve even got their own Duck Lanes!

Vajda B. found the Duck Lane story on The Panda.




Anyone Want A Duckcake?

They don’t have icing or sprinkles on them, but these would be great with a cold glass o’ milk!

As seen on by Andrew Y.

Just A Capy And Some Ducklings…

…taking a bath. What, like you’ve never seen this before?

(JoeJoe The Capy and some fuzzhead friends, from Arbroath.)

I’m Awake! I’m Awake! I’m…..Not Awake

Your cute little yellow bod gettin’ all toasty in the sun- your hoomin providing the requisite scritches….and BOOM. Gone. No, wait! You’re back!


Time To Wake Up, Little Guys!

Totes Adorbs. “I photographed these at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek, CA.” says Anders B.

So This Kitteh Wanders Into A Box O’ Ducklings…

[Back! Back I say! Get BACK!]


Wobbles when she is ONline:

And…….when she’s OFFline.

“She hatched just two weeks ago, and this video is taken when shes just a day old. She likes to sleep in my hair…then tries to eat it when she wakes up.” -Amelia B.

Quack Attack!!!

1005936_10152081685236080_5323028415355418065_nYou’ve been asking for MORE MORE MORE Bebeh Ducksters! OK then, you asked, and we delivered! (Well, Nichola B. was the one who delivered.)

“Hiya! I’m attaching some pics of our newly hatched ducklings.”

“The oldest is four days old and his name is Petyr, Master Of The Quack and Head of House Peep Peep! He’s sassy.”

“The youngest is the little dark fellow with the banged up up bill (he had a hard time getting out of his shell) -his name is Bene.”




(and check out this Duckster Video from RocketNews24!)


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