Headline THIS! (Via Courtney B.)

[*Update: 1:06pm PT: Hilz #FTW! Thanks to all! -Ed.]

Hi C.O.! Faced with the harsh reality that Nosevember has really ended, my coworker and I put our heads together to come up with a theme for December. How about…SPLAYCEMBER?? Here’s a sample shot of such Splaycemberage for ya. Photo featuring Annie, taken by me. All the best, Courtney B.”

“Splaycember?” Um- that’s a reach, but let me think. OK, no. However, write up your best header for this one and we’ll post the best at 1pm PT!


Can’t Keep This ‘Til Nosevember

Meet Frugal Hound The Greyhound. She NOSE she’s a good lookin’ puppeh. Look how she’s WORKIN’ that sweateuh and that..er, sock.





Smedley found this one!