Friday Afternoon Haiku

Time to deck the halls
You never know what you will find
Maybe a matchingks

~ ~ ~

“This is Caprica my Mini Dachshund, confronting her Christmas ornament doppelgänger. Photo by me, Robin J.”


Pixel Perfect

And to make things even better– there’s just a suggestion of a Baroo there! “Sending holiday cheer from my dachshund puppy Pixel!” -Lindsay H.

Bonus Wallpaper Wednesday

Got a little TOBY action for your desktop this morning! From Katy B.: “First time submitting! This is my gorgeous little guy Toby; he’s a miniature dachshund, and I think there’s no better nose for Nosevember than a dachshund schnozz!”

We agree, soooo………..

Click HERE to save the above image for your PC use.


“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My iPad?”

“I left it in the living room- I think CareyNickels wanted to play with it.”

(Little Miss CareyNickels, c/o Will L.)

Dokidokiyummychums 2

Haven’t we….seen this Snoot before? (Rummages through Nosevember Rolodex thing;) -yes, I believe we have! Jessica G. tells us, “This is my Mini-Dachshund Dokidokiyummychums (you may remember her from Nosevembers past and yes, that is her real name.) Her nose is as long and as boopable as ever.”

Snuggle Time

Who needs that fancy ordered-from-Amazon dog bed, when you can just hunker down on your very own Goldie?

From Arne.

Floppy. Stubbular. Brand New.

Until today, the only Mochi I had ever come across were those fantastic little Desserts of Joy you get at Trader Joe’s. Then I opened up the ol’ Cute Overload Email Box, and I saw THESE. “I would love to share with you, Mochi, a miniature cream long haired Dachshund Puppy,” says Lauren.

“These are some of my favorite photos of Mochi. More photos of Mochi can also be found on his Instagram!”

“He’s definitely an Overload of Cute: stubby lil legs (check,) floppy big ears (check,) fluffy fur (check,) and sad puppy dog eyes (check!)



“You Picked A Vine Time To Come Home Early!”

[I coulda swores your iCal said you weren’t going to be home ’til WAY later. U want one?] (Daily Picks & Flicks.)

YAY 4…National Hot Dog Day!

It’s the best Doxie Day of the year! So grab some relish, mustard, ketchup, whatever you like! Then serve up a Hot Dog to YOUR favorite Hot Dog! They’ll love ya for it.

Family Foto

Ok, guys, just sit right there so I can ARRRGH! Nooooo, I needed you all in the-ah never mind. OK, come get the treats!