Hey Ma Is It Time To Eat? Is It Huh? Is It Huh?

Mom Donkeh easily wins the Most Patient Mother of 2015 award.

[*Note: Rule Of Cuteness #07: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.]


Poll: Frolicking Bebeh Donkeh..Or Gamboling?

There are two ways we can go here. The original source headline used “Frolicking.” But I thought on it, and it seems like this little critter might just be gamboling. (Don’t hear that word much.) So- what do you think? Frolicking or Gamboling? Take our poll!

Frolicking: [frol-ik-ing] Noun: Merry play; merriment; fun; a merrymaking or party; playful behavior or action; prank. Verb: (used without object), frolicked, frolicking. Adjective: Merry; full of fun.

Gamboling: [gam-buh l-ing] Verb: (used without object), gamboled, gamboling or (especially British) gambolled, gambolling. Noun: To skip about, as in dancing or playing; frolic.

Frolicking baby donkey - Imgur

Dateline: Lamu, Kenya!

Peeps, this is THE VERY TEXTBOOK definition of the term “BFF.” You will LOFF this one.

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THIS Will Put A Little Sproing In Yer Step!

Um…yeah, because bebeh goats. And donkehs.


From the Baby Goats & Friends Tumblr.