This Is Hamish’s Reaction When…

…you ask him if he’d like some vanilla ice cream. “Good Morning from Birmingham, England !! This is Hamish and Marley, Hamish is the bearded collie ! love your wonderful website, You guys are the best xxxx.” -Johnny E.


Marley The Bubble Hunter

Lauren S. writes: “We adopted Marley 7 months ago, from a shelter where he had been dropped off by his family just a few days before. He was scared and confused, and missed his old family so much, he ran away on his first night with us to find them.”

“After a tireless search in the freezing cold of February, we found him over 24 hours later in the middle of the night. He was badly injured after being hit by a car! He seemed so unbearably sad and in unimaginable pain, all the while he probably just missed his family. It took many weeks after the incident before he even saw the tiniest little tail wag.”


“When we finally got the chance to win Marley’s love and trust through his healing process, he became our loving, loyal, lifelong friend. Mar is our happy little bubble chasing, fetch loving, swimming, hiking, tail wagging, high-energy and high-spirited goofball. Thank you for reading!” -Lauren, Sven, (and Marley.)

Sun’s Out, Tongue’s Out!

It’s the middle of July! If you ever wanted to frolic, now’s the time. So get those tongues out! (And watch the drool!)

Aw, I Hate The Ear Medicine

[I mean, do I HAFTA? Can we…talk about this? Wait. I can’t talk. Shoot.]

(More of Denver The Guilty Dog here.)

“Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats”

Earlier this morning, it was “Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs.” Of course you knew there was going to be Equal Time for The Puppehs, right? Here we go!

“Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs”

That’s the title of the video..and personally, I would never rank one over the other. But this video does make a rather compelling argument for The Kitteh Species.


Andrew Y. found these on Geek Art, The Dogs Of The Marvel Universe by Josh Lynch. Now these guys, I could ID right away. (Names in hovers.)










Now, this last bunch were a bit impossible tricky to guess. Good think the original JPEGs came with the names.






“Hey Honey- Did You Crank The Car’s AC?”

“I noticed it was turned all the way up, too- it nearly blasted me out of the front seat. No, it wasn’t me.”

(Maureen P.)

We’re Officially Andy Murray Fans Here

WWWWWe saw pro tennis star Andy Murray playing with his dog Maggie May Rusty at Wimbledon Thursday night- now he’s back with a different dog! (A day off for him- no tennis today.) Andy is a global ambassador for WWF, to raise awareness of the growing threat that poaching and illegal trade pose to some of the world’s most vulnerable wildlife. Here’s where to help in the cause. [*Note: Link goes to the UK WWF site- they’re working with GBP.) #GoWildForAndy

MOST Of Us Like Fireworks

However, our smaller and furrier friends don’t. (Our poodle used to hide in the shower stall.) Here’s an article on Boing Boing that tells pet owners how to care for their little guys tonight.

(Patriotic Pampered Pocket Pooch Posing Proudly Photo from Flickr.)