Tubs Я Us

It’s the end of the week. Time to ease..back…in the Jacooz for a little R N R.

Then again, maybe the tub gets you just a bit TOO WOUND UP.

Both Video 1 and Video 2 from Mashable.


He’s Back There, Isn’t He

[I mean, what the heck…]

[…even I know how to use a litter box. Typical dumb dog.]

“I was trying to take beautiful photos of California Kitty but in one I mistakenly got Meshach in the background.” -Brandy D.

National Dog Day Family Photo

Thanks for sending in this late photo, Lisa B.! “This was in my backyard in Minnesota. Petey, Lacey, Maddy, Rudy and Pandi.”

Curtains For The Boy Wonder!

As you can see, Robin never had a chance.

Even The Dark Knight was no match for the assailant.

Soon the culprit was located. Not The Joker. Not The Riddler. Not Catwoman. Worse. Much worse.

There was no remorse.

Absolutely none.

Next stop, Doggie Sing-Sing.

Maybe this one can be rehabilitated. Or….maybe not. Time will tell.

All photos from Imgur.

The Legend Of Biscuit The Cat Rustler

(Say in deep Texas drawl:) No one knows where he came from. Some say the Deep South, others say back East. Either way, he arrived in Portland with one thing on his mind- to rustle him some Cats.

Biscuit is his name……and Cat Rustling is his game.

Biscuit and his Oregon Tails posse sleep by day and Rustle by night- their mission? Send all the cats down to California. Or..somewhere.

-From Greg G., host/alternative mornings 94.7 FM Portland, who adds “Biscuit serves as my silly sidekick/co-host here on a daily basis.”

P.S.: “He was found roaming the streets of east L.A. (near some taco trucks)! He was taken to Baldwin Park Animal Shelter and then from there was brought to the Oregon Humane Society as a second chancer. Me and my wife Alana gave that chance to him 3 years ago! Biscuit lives with us and has 3 cats for roommates (hence: The Cat Rustler)!”

YAY 4 National Dog Day!

Yep, all day long! Grab your nearest four-footed furball and give me a big sloppy KEES!

THIS JUST IN! ResQte Of The Week (Caturday Berkeley Edition)

unnamed‘Member the folks at Berkeley Humane- they hosted Grumpy Cat for the unveiling of their new Mobile Adoption van back in January. They’re holding their “Third Annual Bark (& Meow) Around the Block Adopt-a-Thon and Street Fair,” now ’til 4pm PT. (Part of #clearthesheltersday!) Location is Ninth & Carleton in Berkeley. (That’s “Damien” above with Laura Garcia-Cannon of NBC Bay Area.)

[*UPDATE 4:33pm PT: More than 10,000 animals found homes today! #WIN. -Ed.]

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Thanks to Sherry L. and Melissa M. for the help! And here’s a SLO-MO Puppeh Drop with BONUS BUTT SNIFFING!

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When You Want To Fit In With The Crowd

You know the feeling, especially back in the day when your family moved- and you had to go to a new school and make new friends. You just wanted to fit in with the guys, right?


Take Me Out To The Ball Dog Game

“Bark In The Park” has become a popular promotion around Major League Baseball for several seasons now. Here are a selection of shots from various ballparks around the big leagues- from Sports Illustrated. (Location in hovers.)














Amber Goes For A Run In Aldershot, England

If you’ve ever wondered what a “BEST DAY EVER” looks like, it’s prolly something like THIS. Go, Amber, go!