Knock Knock: U Haz Treats For Me?

Nana The Border Collie and some little friends, workin’ the neighborhood on Halloween.

“I’m assuming you’re probably storing up some posts for Halloween. As always, love your site.” -Stacy M.

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues


Bet Stella Didn’t Rake All Those

When you’re young (or in this case, a lab named Stella) you don’t have to kill your back raking all the leaves. All you have to do is JUMP in ’em. (Like last year!) With a GoPro stuck to your back.


It’s So Hard When You Have To Leave…

…but that makes coming back home all the better!

Boos -N- Barks In The Big Apple!

TSAlmost time for an annual Cute Overload tradition- coverage of The Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City!

It’s this Saturday the 24th, Noon ’til 3pm ET, at the Tompkins Square Dog Run, on E. 9th, between Avenue A and B- see the Google Map below. (They request a $5 donation to enter the park -all proceeds raised will go directly back to Friends of First Run, who maintain the TSDR year-round.) If you’re going to the parade on Saturday, we’d love to see your photos!

And here’s what it looked like last year. Photos by Jason DeCrow/Invision for Beggin’/AP Images.

Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade presented by Beggin'

If You Go:

Time: Runway competition begins at Noon ET.

Registration: No need to pre-register.

Rain Date: Sunday the 25th.

Location: Tompkins Square Dog Run.

Dude, You’re The, Er, Top Dog Here!

This Floppy & Furry Alaskan Malamute needs to understand exactly where he sits in the chain of command. As in, at the very top. Yet he lets himself get intimidaed by Mr. Tortoise-

And this kitteh gives him a run for his money, too. Boy, wait ’til all the guys see THESE videos.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

The Language Of Dogs And Cats

Try as we might- sometimes we JUST CANNOT understand what the little girls and guys are saying. Artist Lili Chin has developed these posters that should help, and you can download them free from her site. You can click the CAT image below for C.O. Super-Size™.

(Design Taxi.)

WHO Had A Good Day? WHO Did? YOU Did!

But I gotta ask about my sweatpants, guys. Who’s gonna ‘fess up here?

Slowly He Creeps…

…in search of some noms. Ninja Dog creeps slowly up on his unsuspecting hoomin prey. In stealthy silence, he creeps ever so closer…closerCLOSER

Just One Of The Family

Great story here from Bored Panda; it seems a lady in Nassau, Bahamas found a Bebeh Raccoon that had fallen out of a tree. With no mom to be found, she and her daughter decided to adopt it. They named her Pumpkin, and Pumpster follows her and her two rescue dogs everywhere! Thanks to Liz for pointing it out.

















Today Is World Animal Day!

More deets here, and check out this great animated video from the Singapore SPCA. BTW–how much IS that Doggeh In The Window?