Careful, Hamilton Wesley!

He’s got his hands paws full with The Deadly Tennis Ball Of Doom!

Posted on The Tube by DJHeadwound.

Do I Hafta? Do I HAFTA?

It’s a proven fact that most of our lil’ friends do not embrace the concept of “bathtub.” Like these little maniacs, c/o The Pet Collective:

Sam The Adventure Dog, from Veronica T.



“This is my dad’s basset hound, Hazel. She hates the tub, but loves the Beggin’ Strip she gets as a reward afterwards.” -Amanda D.


Ponyo and YoYo :), from Tiffany F.




Ruby, from Stephen L.


Well……SOMEONE enjoys the tub.

April Is Prevention Of Cruelty To Animuhls Month

Hi there, hoomins! We’re here to let you know that Prevention Of Cruelty To Animuhls is a really big deal, and something we’re totally down with. (Being animuhls and all.) Check out this website to learn more, and y’all have a nice day, here?

[Eight of THESE guys is NEVER enough. -Ed]

Photo from Izismile.


But I DON’T WANNA WEAR the jacket thing.

Video posted by Marti Greer, seen on BF.

The Eternal Battle…

…between Good & Evil. Which is which depends on your viewpoint, of course!

Sent in by Anita A.

UPDATE: Roastpotato Visits The White Bear Pub

You’ll recall we did a story on the White Bear Pub in East London- they are very pet-friendly. We sent UK Cuteporter Roastpotato to the White Bear to check it out in person.

[Actually, she went on her own- Ed]

“I saw the 3 animals as soon as i went in the door and little Poppet was jumping around, following me round and took all my attention until I noticed my friend trying to not be irritated :-).

So I got the drinks and sat on the sofa with the dogs, with Poppet on my knee :-) and Bo next to me on his back for his belly to be rubbed!

I played tug with Bo and the Raccoon type dog toy, then got the two of them to play with it together, little Poppet wasn’t quite sure what to do so I had to put it in her mouth :-).

The barman Joe was great, he told me that the cat is always there but she sometimes bites! And the dogs are there until 6pm on weekdays when their human mum (the landlady) takes them home. I showed Joe the CO site and the video that Nat S had posted. We were given a gingerbread man on our way out and made to feel very welcome.”

~Thanks RP!



WB 20130327 Ginger Wednesday

WB 20130327 Bo 2

WB 20130327 Bo

WB 20130327 Bud 1

WB 20130327 Bud 2

WB 20130327 Poppet & Bo 1

WB 20130327 Poppet & Bo 2

WB 20130327 Poppet + Me crop

WB 20130327 Poppet

It’s Chilly In Here…

Put another puppy on the baby, will you honey?





Photos, babies and puppehs supplied by Unknown.

I’ll ‘Av Me A Dish O’ Guinness If Ya Please

East London’s White Bear pub is most accommodating to its furry patrons. As long as they pay up.

Thanks to Nat S.

Ya, Gonna Be A Cold One Tonight, You Betcha

Much of the United States is getting blasted with snow and freezing weather, despite the fact Spring has allegedly sprung. No one knows the cold quite like our man Griffin here, in Fargo ND..where it’s headed down to, um, 3 tonight.

Griffin has figured out how to cope, though! “Griffin takes refuge by thawing in the sauna after kicking it tundra-style,” says Tiffany A.


OK OK You’ve Made Your Point!

I know I need to take a bath! Can I get outta the dishwasher now?

Danielle F.: “This is my mother’s seriously cute new puppy, Enzo. She would be thrilled if Enzo made an appearance on Cute (So would Enzo.)


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