Hey! Jude!

Now playing on Pay Per View: Jude The Beagle vs. The Scary Popcorn! You won’t want to miss this one! Order NOW!

From Cuteporter Khanh L. (Sorry.) “This is Jude. He is a 3-month-old pocket beagle and this is his first encounter with popcorn. I hope you have fun watching him! Thank you for checking out this adorable little guy! PS- He was upset it wasn’t ‘extra butter’.”

Douglas Got Dem Dog-Gone Blues

Paul Mac Innes tells us all about eet. “So my friend David swung by with his dog while I was in the studio. Douglas the dog decided he wanted to sing the blues! Fantastic performance. I am singing, David is on guitar.”

What Do We Do? We Swim, Swim!

Remember how we were looking for Dory?

Found her.

From Teresa: “With Pixar officially announcing the sequel to Finding Nemo, I thought I would share our version of the new movie poster. It stars Dori the Pomeranian (Princess Dorianna if you want her full name!)

Dog Day Afternoon

Cuteporter Kevin L. sent us this photo. “I was at the dog park and snapped possibly the cutest puppy ever. His name is Thomas.”


And Then There’s Walter

According to his hoomin Rob D, Walter is all growed up now. Check hovers for banal pithy commentary.









Snoring Quentin just can’t seem to stay awake upright.

Posted on Youtube by Arsenalian. See more of Big Q at his website.

Take A Right At The Left Eyebrow…

…then follow the NoseFold® all the way down to the cheek powche. Another left at the cheek powche, that’s where you feed me.

Incredible Dog Photos by Tim Flach, sent to us by Vajda B.

Trilly, Gotta Learn To Pick Your Battles

This probably isn’t a good one to pick.

“Trilly is trapped in the kitchen and she swears she didn’t eat the cat food. Napoleon, S’mores, and Peter beg to differ and there will be…consequences.” -Shelly B.

Yo, This Is How We Roll

Submitted by Cuteporter John N.: “Would that I was a clever man, I would offer a multilingual caption for this video. But all I can do is laugh.” Roger that.


Psst…Maddie. The sign?

See more of Maddie On Things.


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