Will You PLEASE Leave Me Alone!

Puppeh wants to nom on the bone.

Problem- kitteh wants to nom on the puppeh.

Sent in by Cuteporter Stacy M. who found eet on Laughing Squid.

Mission: Possible

I’ve seen all the Tom Cruise movies, and even the old Peter Graves TV shows. I can do this!

Cuteporter Doar E. sent this one in.

Cute Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

UglyDogLogoRGBIt’s the 25th Anniversary of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, in Petaluma, CA. (Where Snoopy is from.) Now, we all know IN TRUTH these little fellows are absolutely QTE beyond belief. The winner gets a cash prize, photographer sesh, catered dinner, a trophy, and loads of adulation. The finals were tonight at the Sonoma-Marin Fair.

UPDATE: According to KTVU.com, our 2013 winner is………Walle!


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Did U Take Your Puppeh To Work Today?

Today’s the day for it! These great photos (and hover deets) are from the San Jose Mercury News.

(Except for the very last one- you might know that fellow.)








Dog Days Of Summer

az_welfare_leagueThe Arizona Diamondbacks MLB team held a “Bark In The Park” recently, with $5 from each ticket going to the Arizona Animal Welfare League! (It looks like a lot of MLB teams do these.) It’s part of a doggeh doubleheader- They’ll do it again on September 15. More images in this slideshow.




Photos by Leah Parr and Amber Harding.

Goggie Goggles (aka ‘Doggles’)

It’s the latest fashion trend. Check the hovers for deets!



Updated header stolen borrowed from Fish Eye No Miko.

Clive? Yo…Clive?

Clive gets an “A” in Relaxation 101.

photo 2
“We adopted Clive on June 15th from the Humane Society. After a long stay in a couple shelters, we think he is pretty happy! Just wanted to show him off to the world.” -Andrea H.

OK Guys, Who Wants A Snack?

Anyone that wants a little munchie, get in here STAT!

Submitted by Azalea L.

Jaz, Will You PLEASE Get Up!

Think we’re gonna need a tow truck here to haul Jaz’s keester outta the sack.

Discovered while randoming viewing The Tube.

THIS JUST IN: Kazakhstan ResQte NewsFlash!

Cuteporter Wendy Q. has the 411. “Nellie was rescued from the streets in Astana, Kazakhstan, a few weeks ago. She’s now living happily with her new owners and has her own blog. She is fearful of many things at present – especially sudden noises or movement, but has a naturally feisty nature and is adept at plundering socks, gloves and underwear.”

From homeless on the streets of Kazakhstan to having your own website. (AND hoomins who love you!) Congratulations to Nellie!



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