When A Photobomb Isn’t A Photobomb

This first photo might well have been a candidate for best photobomb ever–look at that earnest face popped right up front and center. However, the photobomber is missing the bombee. Better luck next time, Kili!


“These are pictures of my sweet girl Kili, now eight years old. She is a mixed long and short haired mini dachshund. She is best known for her crazy ear hair and tufted toes! Her favorite spot is on my lap and the laptop is Enemy Number One! I hope you find her as Cute Overload worthy as I do!” [We do! -Ed] -Abbie E.

This Is How You Do It, Right?

I didn’t see any instructions or anything.

From TDC.

OK, Now Hold It Please

After this, if you’re good, you’ll get a sucker.

From Ned Hardy.

And WHO Wants Their Own Kitteh, Hmmmm?

This fellow is excited ’cause he’s getting his own kitteh. Who wouldn’t be!

Klaatu42 did this.

Google Glass: Not Just For Hoomins Anymore

No doubt you’ve read about Google’s 20% time flop game-changer quirky gizmo you can’t afford, “Google Glass.” Mashable did a great article on Glass’s unexpected Puppeh Appeal. But what does Rover use them for? Let’s find out.












Photo creditos: 2) Flickr, Moosicorn 3) iStockphoto, chris-mueller 4) iStockphoto, dageldog 5) iStockphoto, Suzanne-Carlsson 6) iStockphoto, cynoclub 7) iStockphoto, dageldog 8) iStockphoto, yellowsarah 9) iStockphoto, jonathandowney 10) iStockphoto, lisas212 11) iStockphoto, Haje. Video posted by Christine Erickson.

This Guy Looks….Familiar

I wuz jus’ sittin’ here a spell while the hoomin went in for something to drink, and this dude comes out with chalk and starts scribblin.’ I didn’t get a treat or royalties or anything.

From the Italian Greyhound Owners FB page. Remarks Wayne W.: “We went to get a coffee and came out of the cafe to see Henry had become street art.” Near Annandale, New South Wales.


There are no words to describe how cute this squirming mound o’ fur is.


The. Puppy. Pile.

Keith Hopkin, how do you do eet?

Dogs In Cars: California

We’ve been on the run
Driving in the sun
Looking out for number 1
California here we come
Right back where we started from

And here’s another version that’s not California-centric!

More Keith Hopkin Magic. Lyrics by Phantom Planet.

!Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

If we have a choice between the usual crunch n’ munch and TACOS…well, YO QUIERO and all that jazz.

And, well, we’re not sure what’s on this guy’s menu.

Video by Busy Bee Dogs. Duchess the 8 year old bearded dragon from Kelsey S.

May The Fourth Be With You

We’ll only have one chance to destroy the Death Star, Pixel. You’re our only hope.


“We wanted to share our cute little Padawan Pixel all dressed up for May the Fourth! Be a Jedi soon, he will!! Hope you enjoy, and may the fourth be with you!” -Pixel, Brett, and Claudia.



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