I Went To McDonalds Like U Asked

Here’s your Quarter Pounder. I forgot the fries though, I didn’t have room in my mouf, and I got no pockets.

As seen on Holly P-B.’s FB feed.

It’s International Assistance Dog Week!

It’s running through August 10th. Find out more here, and don’t forget to give this little knucklehead below a virtual snorgle! (And isn’t that John Cleese with the narration from a couple years back? Dogtober sounds like a great idea–maybe we can combine it with ‘Tocktober?)


You’ve Got A Friend In CO, Lee

Thanks for the Tweet Shout-Out on this post! (Lee U. directed a little film you might have heard of..Toy Story 3.)


Snorfer, Toe Hair & Sleepy Squish Face, What More Could One Need?




“This is Carol. She gets tired from waking up in the morning.” -Michele S.

The Anatomy Of Smoosh

Sometimes a puppeh has so many folds, crevices and smooshes ya need a roadmap. One map, coming up! From Cuteporter Julia G.: “I think it’s really important for Cute Overload readers to know that no two smooshy faces are alike. Your dog’s smoosh may not be as complex as my dog’s smoosh or it may be even more complex.”


“It may have ear smoosh or lip smoosh but no neck smoosh. Or it may have oodles of neck smoosh with just a little bit of nose smoosh. A “smoosh” (lowercase) is known as the head/maw/neck of wrinkly faced breeds!”



~Le Creditos~
*Anatomy of Smoosh Credit: Canines & Couture.
*Photo Credit: Perception Matters Photography
*Your infographic puppeh model today was “Ru.”
*Photos 2 & 3 from Canines & Couture.

Me And My Shadow

Strolling down the avenue
Me and my shadow
Not a soul to tell our troubles to….NOW STAND STILL WHILE I BOUNCE ON YOU!

Spotted on the Intertubes by Karyn S.

Soldier Snorgling

“I’m in the Army and my puppy is my stress-reliever. Her name is Sandy, named after my favorite Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, and she’s a six-month old Old English Sheep Dog. What a cutie!” -Tianyi X.


RIP To Chase The Baseball Doggeh

Some Sad News here, folks. Chase, the ball doggeh for the Trenton Thunder minor league baseball team, passed away at the age of 13. Chase was diagnosed in February with a form of lymphoma and also had arthritis. Here’s Chase in action a few years ago!


His son Derby has taken over the bat-fetching chores!

Photos by the Trenton Thunder. Emma from Sports On Earth sent this one ovah.

Meet SpudMan

He seems to be the unlikeliest of superheroes, but what are ya gonna do? Maggie G. tells us the story.

“I am currently babysitting for a ug-dorable English Bulldog named SpudMan, so named because he resembles a pile of mashed potatoes. He’s deaf, and with that non-nose, doesn’t have the greatest sense of smell either. He’s usually pretty oblivious to his surroundings, but decided that he wanted to watch Mulan with me.”



Don’t Even Think About It

Get your own twig stick. This one’s mine!

Jasper, my baby Chihuahua, playing fetch with a twig!” -Cally Jane


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