Interspecies Snorgling 101, Part II

Class, earlier in the week..we discussed this classic Interspecies Snorgling case. Most fascinating. Now, we wrap up the week by heading over The Great Pond to the UK, where, according to Huffington Post UK, “Captain Owen Beynon Brown of the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery introduced his dog ‘Lord Percy’ to horse ‘Tango’.”



Sent in by Cuteporter Bogi V. Images by Getty Images/Oli Scarff.

Wanna Get Away?

No, I most certainly DID NOT steal your dog chow!!!

From Uber Humor.

Pepper With Leetle Peepers

Ah nose..that spot on top of ma head makes me look like an 8 Ball.



From Shanti M.

Dog Vs. Egg

Sometimes dinnertime can be quite a challenge. Take this little guy for example: he just doesn’t know what to make of this new thing in his dinner dish. Video is c/o of Cuteporter Susan S., who added “Our Parson Russell Terrier, Jack Donaghy, battles his first fried egg.”

Tumble on over for more of Jack Jack Jack .

Everybody Loves Raymond- Including Winston

Obviously Raymond doesn’t have much to say. This has Winston a bit concerned.

Cuteporter Emily checks in: “Winston’s a 3 year old Great Dane. We rescued him from a farm but he’s been a city dog ever since. This spring we took him and his brother out to the country and rented an old farm house. The owner has his prize deer head hanging on the wall. Winston was obsessed with it. Every time he went into the room he would have to say hello to him. We decided the deer needed a name so we started calling him Raymond.”

This Post Has “Awwww-Factor” Rating Of 10+

No doubt about it. Wilson the Meerkat needed a mom. Kimi the Chihuahua happened to be having a phantom pregnancy.




Photos by John Aron/Newsteam. Discovered and sent in by Kelly B.

About That Tax Return…

The dog ate it.

This be Felicia, from Cuteporter Curtis St. J.

I WAS Working On The Taxes..

..I know, I know, they’re due tonight. But I find looking at dogs more stimulating.

“This is our beloved Jameer Nelson (goes by Nelly to his dawgs) looking at some hot babes online. Caught him red pawed!!!” From Molly K. and Dan G.

Emma, Do You Enjoy All The Rain?

“Let me ask you this. Do I look like I’m enjoying it?”

“My 14 year old Westie, Emma, had fun in the snow after Nemo (and even more fun seeing her video on Cute Overload) but isn’t enjoying the April Showers quite as much.” -Cynthia W.

Chubbular Explosion!

You simply aren’t gonna believe the ‘tocks and roly-poly bumbling of these Prosh Little Chubsters. Click the video.

You know you want to.

Sent in by Cuteporter Cathy Z. “This video doesn’t belong to me, (thanks 2 Pet Collective) but it is too fluffy to pass up!!” Got that right.