THIS JUST IN: The Best Day Of His Life

People, say hello to Meaty. Watch this chunky slobberknocker roll through the best day of his life. We should ALL be so lucky. (PS- Watch this all..the..way..thru!)

“This is just the thing for a gray day like today in NC.” -Elisa B., who spotted it on MSN Now. (PPS- Learn more about these terrific animuhls at Georgia English Bulldog Rescue.)

Dogs With Jobs

On this Labor Day holiday in the US, let’s take time to remember all the hard-working puppehs out there!

From U-Zoo UK.

THESE JUST IN: For #NationalDogDay

“For (National) Dog Day, here’s one of my personal all-time favorites. I took it with a really wide angle lens and the dog was a few inches from the lens. His name is Charcoal.” – The Furrtographer.


“Just wanted to pass along some pictures of Pixel, our Boston Terrier, enjoying a Greenie snack. He’s learned to use his cone as a serving tray. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as he enjoyed the snack (though, as you can tell from his expression in the pictures, I’m not sure that’s possible!)” -Claudia D.



Hey Tennis US Open, Need Any Ball Doggehs?

I can come over to New York today and help, and I’ll let you use my ball- as long as I get it back.

Harlow the Weimaraner, from My Modern Met.

Someone’s Happy

And someone.

“I took this picture as my fur babies were welcoming me back home after work. Kip has been featured before, but Suzan Dawg has not. I think they are both super adorable & hope you think so too! With Love, Annie.”

Archie D. Livin’ Large In The Big Apple

Don’t let the A-Man’s small size fool ya. According to Submitter Gabrielle O., “Archie Davis lives in NYC and enjoys life to the fullest!” Photographer: Proud Mom Sinead.






Oh Sure, See This All The Time

Say you find yourself smack in the middle of Tirau, NZ, “a small town in the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand” according to Wikipedia. What are ya gonna do to pass the time? Maybe- check out these Sheep & Sheep Doggeh buildings. Whythehecknot.


These were built in the mid to late 1990’s. The Doggeh building is the Tirau i-SITE Visitor Centre.



They’re at 40 Main Road, Tirau.

Photo 1 by Interesting : Photo 2 and 3 from Strange Buildings.The Grumpy Old Photo 4 from Google Maps.

Welcome To Hov-Hov!

Hov-Hov is a bakery in Maribor, Slovenia, dedicated solely to doggehs! (Hoomins are welcome, but just to pay.) Hov-Hov means “Woof Woof” in Slovenian. Owner Nastja Verdnik creates all varieties of biscuits & muffins made just for canines.

How Darth Vader And Doggehs Are Alike

But I’ll bet Lord Vadah doesn’t like bellah rubs.

From Dog House

(Say Like Col. Klink:) “Hogannnnnnn!!”

You’re definitely our Hero.

From Petiquette Dog Dot Com.


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