WHO Had A Good Day? WHO Did? YOU Did!

But I gotta ask about my sweatpants, guys. Who’s gonna ‘fess up here?

Slowly He Creeps…

…in search of some noms. Ninja Dog creeps slowly up on his unsuspecting hoomin prey. In stealthy silence, he creeps ever so closer…closerCLOSER

Just One Of The Family

Great story here from Bored Panda; it seems a lady in Nassau, Bahamas found a Bebeh Raccoon that had fallen out of a tree. With no mom to be found, she and her daughter decided to adopt it. They named her Pumpkin, and Pumpster follows her and her two rescue dogs everywhere! Thanks to Liz for pointing it out.

















Today Is World Animal Day!

More deets here, and check out this great animated video from the Singapore SPCA. BTW–how much IS that Doggeh In The Window?

Got A Noisy Puppeh?

Have you tried everything to get a puppeh to stop their incessant barking? Well, then it’s time to bring an enforcer on premises to quiet the little yapper down. Kinda like this cat Greyscale, who means business.


Caturday: “Jack, Your 2 O’ Clock Is Here”

Jack the Cat Masseuse is giving Bella the Great Dane the complete treatment, and Bella doesn’t seem to mind one bit. [*Note: Annoying Hoomin Commentary included- consider killing the volume when playing. -Ed.]

“I Don’t Get The Last Bite?”

2C6EF6EC00000578-3240499-image-a-44_1442606506380Another story perfect for National Cheeseburger Day today- Yuka The Siberian Huskeh USUALLY gets the last bite of dinner from owner Julio Savala Lopez Jr. of Las Vegas. But on this night- Lopez saved the last bit o’ burger for himself. Yuka was not happy, says The Daily Mail.

We’ll Glad You Pay You Tuesday…

14684287_56802ac06b_o[…if we can have a hamburger cheeseburger today!]

Today is National Cheeseburger Day. The Animal-style burgers at In and Out are waiting. (Photo via Flickr.)

How Your Dog Sees The World

It’s more complicated than you think. When you’re built low to the ground- there’s a LOT going on up there.

Hey! There’s A Water Shortage In California!

Notice the complete disdain/disregard Sid The Cat has for Katie The Great Dane, who patiently waits her turn until she realizes who she’s dealing with.


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