♬ One More For The Road ♫

It’s quarter to three
There’s no one in the place, except you and me
So set ’em’ up Joe, I’ve got a little story, you oughta know
We’re drinking my friend to the end of a brief episode
Make it one for my baby
And one more for the road



We’ve Got TEN Months Until ‘Tocktober

So these are gonna have to hold ya over. “Hi Friends, this is Suziboo. She has many toe-lents. Here are 10 of them. Love, Steve and Lin E.”

Come N’ Git It!

Anybody want something to eat? Step right up, don’t be shy!

“Hey Honey? Did You Fill The New Dog-Proof Container?”

[“Oh yeah. FINALLY, Meme won’t be able to scarf midday snacks. It’s a really smart setup. Locked down like Ft. Knox. No way will she be able to figure it out.]

Someone Left Pizza Sauce On Their Mouf

[Let me just slip in here for a quick nom + snorgle sesh- in and out, he’ll NEVER KNOW. Slurp.]

OK You Guys- What’s Going On Here?

Look like nobody’s gonna talk. Off to the interrogation room for both of ya. (Imgur/Reddit.)

Christmas Sampler

Here’s a mini sampler of Christmas Cute- remember, if you’ve got a photo we need to see, send it to us! Comments and credits are in each photo hover. (Above, “I’m submitting a photo I took a few years ago around Christmas time. Daisy doesn’t normally pose for pictures, but I was able to capture her for a few seconds before she escaped down the stairs!” -Elena K.)



Tink Christmas



Lilly Want A Banana?

“Hi there! I don’t think you can finish Nosevember without having at least one Bull Terrier, they’re at least 80% nose 😀 . This is our pup Lilly! She’s waiting patiently for a banana. Credits: Jam N.”

Did Someone Say Monday?

[I’m not getting out of bed. My AccuWeather™ App says it’s 30 degrees outside. Jack that number up to 75 and we’ll talk. Otherwise, I’m in for the day.]

“Meet Kilo. It was one of those mornings where you don’t want to get out of bed! Best Regards, Tammy T. from The Great White North.”

Mighty Miah

Nosevember is well underway and we’ve had quite a showing of impressive Snoots so far. (Got some Snoots we need to see? Here you go!) Sarah M. tells us about our latest post: “Hello, I hope you will graciously consider our little Miah for Nosevember. She has a most impressive schnozz, typical of a pointy-face (aka Whippet).”

“She’s very fond of poking said hooter where it doesn’t belong!”