The Perfect Stick

These doggehs must have seen this video from the weekend!

Hey! My Turn Next! Hey! Up Here!

At Edgar’s Mission, Poppy The Pig is enjoying all the attention she is getting from Pam Ahern. This has not gone unnoticed by Ruby The Doggeh.

Poppy Pig from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Young Man, It’s Time For Your Afternoon Nap

[Aw MAAAAA. Can’t I just play for a little while longer? Can I huh? Can I huh? Can I huh?


True Friends

Photographer Agnieszka Gulczyńska took these photos of her son Igor and her three dogs, Vega, Pikey and Canon in Kampinos, Poland!









From My Modern Met.

There’s Something To Be Said About Life’s Simple Pleasures…

You know, like…sticking your snoot out the window at 30mph, when there isn’t a cat in sight?

From Concord Barb & Paul, who are A) Just back from visiting with some Cuteworthy ducks and B) So NOT on Vaca but still Cute.

♫ Round ‘Round Get Around, We Get Around ♬

These guys don’t let a pesky disability get in the WAY of HAVING A GOOD TIIIIIIIIME!

22 Words. Header from B. Wilson/M. Love.

The Kitteh Must Be Felix-

– and the big doggeh has to be Oscar in THIS “Odd Couple!”


OK, Everybody! Ten Minute Pool Break!

Everybody pile on in! DON’T FORGET YOUR LIFE PRESERV-oh, never mind. (And do NOT pee in the pool!!!)

Yet another FBF (Facebook Find) from The Moon Pie.

Derpy Doggeh

DERPY: “Awkward or embarrassing, especially pertaining to a person.”

Methinks this term applies to doggehs as well. Nice selfie, too.


I Could Slobber At ANY Moment

“This is our Newfoundland Bodhi, posing for our Christmas card photo this year! He would like to wish all your Cute Overload readers a very Happy Holiday!” -Tracy R.



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