Not A Care In The World

charlie-nose1Day after tomorrow, Charlie is going to get a BIG plate of turkey. He is clearly excited about this (above.) Below, he poses for a classic Nosevember shot.

“Hi! Here are 2 shots of Charlie’s glorious nose :).” -Raffaella & Charlie.


Did we just say "Not A Care In The World?" This one qualifies.

Flyin’ With One Flap Up Sideways

image1Usually, Rule Of Cuteness ##58 means “If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute.” [*Note: Seen earlier today here. -Ed.]

However,there are always exceptions. Right, Maria K?

“I thought this pic was pretty cute for Nosevember. This is my dog Skooter and he ‘nose’ he’s cute.”

(Somewhat Bewildered) Sniffs From Singapore

image2Up top, we’ve got some absolute Rule of Cuteness #58: If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute.. And below, someone looks like they were just told about a trip to…the V-place.

“This is Maggie. She’s what we call a Singapore Special. Photos taken by me, Christina E.”

Behold Loki’s Snow Nose

2167498548_56a372385e_o“Has C.O. featured Snow Noses yet (Dog noses that become pink when it gets cold outside?) Please consider featuring my dog Loki’s Snow Nose. Thank you! Been reading C.O. since it began :) .–Gayle.

Nosevember: A “Bid Ol’ Node”

2012-04-28 15.33.24“I told Bear that Nosevember was half gone, and that he had better sit still for a photo. He reluctantly stopped watching Squirrel TV through the window and posed for me. This is his ‘hurry up, I got s***t to do’ look. I hope you like his bid ol’ node. Photo credit: Becky G.”

Named After A Rolling Stone, Perhaps?

IMG_20151013_212231“Jagger has a tiny nose but that just means more cute per square inch.” -Sara F.

Nosevember: Super Shelby Baroo Action!

Shelby at DDA  09.30.15You nose there had to be a terrific Baroo starting here. The hoomin is holding the camera pointing down, and Shelby is looking up with a classic “What Tha’?” look. Right, Karen W.? “For your consideration, this is my precious girl Shelby, She loves getting her photo taken and this shot is a perfect candidate for ‘Nosevember.'”

We totally agree, and have Made It So!

Nosevember, You Say?

11916898436_b210bff760_oLucy puts her snoot up front and center in this photo from Joe F.’s Flickr.


11027946_10208170973738549_7008887074036574384_oIn this photo that Anne H. sent in, we get a little SLOBBERKNOCKER TONGUE ACTION too. “It’s impossible to get next to Billie’s nose without a healthy helping of tongue! Photo by Billie’s dad, Chafe H.”

Maximum Mondo!

Mondo“Our Lab Mondo…….and his very big nose.” -BDW. [*Note: Wanna see just HOW how big? Click here for Super-Size™ Mondo! -Ed.]


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