Mighty Max

4468538716_a4740be785_oMax The Cocker Spaniel showing us why HE is THE MAN. (Seen by Smedley on Pinterest, and originally from Flickr.)


[I know, I know, I KNOW. I just can’t be bothered right now. Sorry.]


Double Front Paw Splayage Right HERE

Rule of Cuteness #47 states: “Splayed haunch action is cute.” Well, could the reverse be true? For evidence, wait for :30 and :38. Is there such a thing?

Dog Sledding

So the weather’s cold and bleak everywhere. USE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

Friday Afternoon Redonk

So, it’s Friday afternoon, getting ready to shut ‘er down for the weekend right?

Maybe….do a little cooking this weekend? With your dog?

And this next one is Totally Apropos given the Pikachu Invasion hitting Japan.

First video from The Daily Dotster…second one spotted on VVV.

Um…Hello? Hello? Anyone Wanna Play?

C’mon Mr. Dog. Just for a little bit? C’mon c’mon c’mon.

Sent in by Liz S.

So This Cyclone Comes Into The Bathroom, See…

I know there’s been snow and floods in the USA midwest, but this is the first I’ve heard of cyclones. You bein’ straight with us there, Maymo?

Photo spotted here. See more of Mischievous Maymo on FB and YT.

Bandit = Busted

El Bandito’s Body Language tends to suggest he is, in fact, guilty. The Left/Right/Left Baroo Combo at the end is a classic.

Submitted by Cuteporter Wendy M.

Too Cute?

Not possible. No such thing.

Sherlock c/o Kelly H.

Shouldn’t Her Name Be “Wrinkles” Instead?

Earlier today we mentioned it’s National Farm Animals Day. Winkles the Shar-Pei cross wanted to get in on the act, too.

From Cuteporter Adam C.: “I went and spent a good half day filming ‘Winkles’ the farm puppeh! Very hard to keep up with but I think you’ll agree she is pretty cute!! She lives at Serendipity Farm which is a rescue farm Down Under for unwanted livestock animals. (How cool is that btw?)

[Very cool. -Ed]




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