If The EARS Don’t Get Ya~

…the Beans N’ Belleh will! Yes, I know, we ran a post of a Fennec Fox yesterday. Consider this a SEQUEL. Yeah, that’s it. Anyway, how can we RESIST these images c/o ZooBorns? A “quad” of ’em was born at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose, CA. on January 23rd.




William! It’s Me, Rupert!!

Rupert The Fennec Fox is seriously excited to meet up with his ol’ buddy William The Cat. William, though- merely acts like a cat and wanders off. Imagine that.

From Concord Barb and “Wishing we now had a Fennec Fox” Paul.

What’s THE Most Funnest Most Excellent Thing To DO EVER?

If you’re a Perfectly Prosh Fennec Fox (note the back to back alliteration)- jumping for soap bubbles HAS to be right up there. Boing boing boing boing.


Toesday Fennec Action Right Here!

Don’t come across too many Fennec Fox Fotos, but when Tammy L. sent these in, our in-box blew up with The Cute.

“The place where I volunteer, the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, CA, recently received 2 baby Fennec Foxes,” she told us.

“They are a non-profit sanctuary for many animals that cannot be released into the wild for a variety of reasons.”

“Here are a few pics I snapped when we first got them.”

“Their names are Sahara and Morocco…”

“…though it’s hard to tell which is which in these!”





[Whatever it was you said, I heard it!!!]


Good Thing They Have Their Looks…

Because that’s really all the Fenicky’s are bringing to the table:

“Don’t make me go all Sean Penn on your camera’s mug, man. Get that lens outta my face or I’ll have my brother  – Dammit, Carl! How hard is it to stay upright? And no, I’m sure you won’t need an ‘eyelash cast’, you idiot.”

Perhaps a helmet is in order for the one, Whodaz. See more here and here!

“Did I ever tell you about the time…”

Oh boy, here we go again. What IS it with this guy and his boring stories? Am I supposed to be impressed by the fact that he drove all the way to Home Depot without hitting a single red light?

You know what, I can’t take it anymore – wake me when you’re done talking, Speaky O’Snoresies.

It’s like being stuck in the window seat next to Kenny Bania on a red-eye, Gumbo.

THIS JUST IN: A Fennec fox sucking her thumb

[Ears at 9 and 3] Yanng yanng yanng.

Check out how small she is in the human hand, too!

Fennec fox by floridapfe.


THIS JUST IN: Kitteh licks (and licks) Fennec Fox

I know we’ve had a virtual cinema today with all the movies—when it rains it pours, right?

But in the immortal words of Sender-Inner Arlo R.: “HOW COULD THIS NOT BE POSTED YET!?”


I’m sorry, what?

What was that?  Diiiiiiiiiiiiiidn’t quite catch that last part.

Come again?

Huh?—wait. Please? [ears rotate in all directions]

Fennec fox, originally uploaded by floridapfe.

Extreme Whisker Close Up comin’ atcha:


Doubting foo suggested this pic, which lead to the one above… 😉