Dik-Dik go Plink-Plink!

If Africa had a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, this would be its Clarice.

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THIS JUST IN: A Dik-Dik schnozzle

Dik-Diks are African mini hoofers who run around the plains delighting everyone who sees them. I hadn’t noticed before, but they also have spectacular little Tapir-like schnozzles! Check it!

The cutest animal… by mistca and Eyelashes Antelope by mikel.hendriks


People, if you’ve ever been to Africa, you’ve seen Dik-Diks running around, exuding cuteness of dangerous, deadleh levels. They’re part mini-deer, part partridge, all prosh. THEY GET THEIR NAME FROM THE SOUND THEY MAKE RUNNING FOR COVER OMG!

This lil’ Dude was born at the Chester Zoo recently:

Check this, he’s all: “le snorf”

MORE photos over at Sky News. Thank you for sender-innering, Nick W.

Pocket ‘lope

[Teacher voice]

Students, the African DikDik is a ridiculously cute animal. You will not find a a more anerable member of the antelope family, though the tree-standing-and-munching Gerenuk comes close.


DikDiks are dainty little ‘Lopes, standing 30 to 40 cm tall, weighing in at only 3 or 5 kg. The perfect pocket antelope size. Purse-size mohawk comb included.


Ramon C.—You win the prize for most anerable antelope evar submitted.