The Japanese kick our ‘tocks again—this time in the field of rehab

Could it really be true that cute things help people, People!?Check out “Paro” the “Seal Type Mental Commit Robot” (Nice Engrish.) The animal was developed with three goals in mind; first, to encourage psychological improvements such as relaxation and motivation, physiological improvements such as vital signs, and positive social effects like encouraging communication.[Seal flippers clapping]Kouka_01Kinou_01Domo Arigato, Dewi R.!

Le Sigh

Sender-inner David K. writes:"This is Bert in socks. My parents just got a new floor put in and didn’t want scratches. Thus the socks and hilarity."You’re tellin’ us.


Le sigh, Bert. Le sigh. ;)


As in The Littlest Cutest kitten EVAH! Are those really PINK FOAM casts? Really?


I dont know who sent in Manukka_post_op but I’m givin you a chest bump high five right now. 

Cast-tastic paw exten-shon?

Why in the world is his cast so…long!? He could fit an extra paw-length in thar! Maybe that’s what happened—he had a paw extension. It happens.


Sender-inner Erin J. and photo by B. Nilson…

Love = Pain

Dog: “Oh, my little Snuggledums, I will lof you forevar! You’ll always be…”


Dog: “MY CHICK!!!!”
Chick: “GAAAK!”


A Pomeranian unclear on the concept brot to you by H.M.W. ;)

OK, this just really isn’t funny.

You’ve had your fun, now get me the H-E-double-hockey-sticks OUT OF HERE!!!


Norman K.—What can I possibly say that would make things right? Nothing. Nothing that’s what. Except for the tiny hoof-i-tude. That’s awesome.

CuteOverload makes me want to chomp on cute animals

I don’t know why, but I wanna put cute things in my mouth! Why is that, Doc!?


Help us, Cheri C.!

So, what are you doing this weekend?

I think I’m gonna catch some rays. Wind in my hair. You know.


Fanny is the best, Futoshi N.!

Momma, my arm hurts.

Fitting perfectly into the "Cute or Sad?" category, Linda P. sent in this prosh pup with an arm injury.  At least he has a sticker on his cast. XO, little bro!


The site that started it all…

Teacup and toy People, this is the site I first started gawking at—it’s hours of entertainment. It’s the first site that had me coming back for more and more ridiculously fantastic pup photos. It’s also where Paris Hilton and Jessican Simpson bought Tinkerbell and Daisy, respectively.If you can get beyond the awful sea of text to the galleries, it’s worth the trip! Delightful pups.Page46


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