“He’s A Very Delicate Little Friend.”

Mr. MiniMcInchersons was in the middle of a table, nowhere near food. I let him climb onto the edge of my nail and took him to a place of flowery, leafy spring beauty. He immediately began to make a mini chomp circle in the leaf. To give a bit of size comparison, my hand is a whopping 6″ from the base to the end of my longest finger. He’s a very delicate little friend. I took the picture. Thanks for a wonderful site to visit!” -Jenny D.


Ready For Some Reptiles?

The gist of the Bored Panda story is, “Reptiles Can Be Cute, Too.” We happen to agree 100%!








Bring It ON, Old Man Winter

It’s the first day of winter here in the US, and this little guy is dressed up and ready to go!

From BuzzFeed.


[Your pitiful Walther PPK is no match for me Meester Bund. I shall keel you and then drink your Bollinger RD champagne and drive your vintage Aston Martin DB5. I hope it’s an automatic.]

From The Featured Creature FB page.

Friday Haiku Too: Caterpillar Crawl

It’s fashionable
To wear white Pre-Labor Day
Not so much after.

Taken Aug 24th in Philadelphia, PA. Photographer Laurie Z. From Lindy H.

Poll: Are Creepy Crawlies Cute?

I’ll draw the line at Spiders (except for the ones who do YMCA)- but take a look at these fellows. Sender-Inner Anne S. says, “Finally, there’s proof! Baby snails are cute too! (And start out really really really tiny. It’s surprising they survive at all with this teeny weeny size and their rather obvious lack of speed.”)

What do you think? Cute, or Creepy? Take the Poll!

foto 1

foto 2

Friday Haiku Too: Christine Takes Her Shot

“Tiny McSnailersons was almost baked into a red currant muffin the other day. Having escaped this fate, he acquiesced to posing for pictures, perfectly showing off Rule of Cuteness #14 in the process. I sense a Haiku just waiting to be composed here!” -Christine H.

So, we said to Christine, “Sounds great! Write it!” And here it is:

Tiny little snail
Your world gets picked for muffins
You bid farewell

Snail Xing

“I took this photo at 6am while on vacation in Iowa. I was enjoying my morning walk and noticed this snail crossing the paved road. He is only about the size of the end of a pinky finger. No photo editing has been done, this is straight from the camera!” -Kimberly O.

Wee Bebeh Hopsters In The O.C.

“I came outside this morning to find all of these Wee Bebeh Hopsters on my fence here in Orange County, CA. So, I was zooming in to take a picture, and one of them hopped right onto my hand. Thanks for the consideration, and keeping me supplied with all the QTE® a girl can handle! Hoppy Tuesday Toesday!” -Stephanie T.


Don’t Mind Me- Just Passing Through

Bebbeh Monarch Caterpillar photographed by Eustice The Sheep’s friend that he calls The Nice Lady.