She’s a Maniac, Maniac on the Floor

And she’s dancin’ like she’s never danced before!

Limber lizard via Daily Mail

“And then I felt a little …something.”

“I heard my Mom scream,”LIZARD!” I went to grab him and he darted behind my legs, and I lost him. My mom is freaking out, my stepfather is cracking up, and I’m trying to find the sucker. And then I felt a little… something…

The little bugger scooted up the inside of my pant leg and attached himself to my rear. I reached down the back of my pants and grabbed him, while my parents went into hysterics. I also grabbed my camera to photograph him before letting him outside. He seemed quite pleased with himself!” -Kimberly S.

Oh Wow, You Shouldn’t Have.

Really, an expensive, upmarket twist tie made by Gucci, for me? Gads. (Bats it under the ‘fridge in 3, 2, 1…)

“Little Chief is at it again. I asked Chief to keep an eye on this bug. He didn’t let me down.” -Photo by: Joshy

Hiiii glow worm, how’s it going? And going and going?

Jellooo, (g’loop g’loop g’loop) I am Pyrostremma Spinosum. (sploooooosh) But mah friends call me Sea Squirt. (burble burble blub blub) I’m full of zooids, ’cause I’m a freakazoid.

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 2.58.25 PM
Daily Mail, where divers are quoted as saying, “…they’re also delicate and fluffy. Like a feather boa.”

Bee, Seeing You

I’m Officer Buzz from the Department of Hiveland Security. I’m keeping at least 175 of my eyes on you, so just keep moving and don’t try anything funny.

Via Orangeaurochs.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

And Mom says, “Honey, I don’t care what they do in the movies, you can’t have a tattoo!”
“This is Larkyn demonstrating the newest trend for fashion-forward nature-gals! A nose lizard!” -Joy

Synchronized Noshing

“Aaaaaaand… munch, two, three, chomp, two, three… Big smiles, ladies, big smiles! Gladys, you missed the turn!”

Via Beckie.

Caterpillar Penguins Await You!

Yes, Peeps. Step right up and see an anatomical wonder. Here, in this very post, a magical marvelous surprise that will entrance and intrigue and delight you beyond measure! It’s a lepidoptera oddity! It’s the caterpillar that wears peculiar perpendicular penguin pajamas!

“Look closely! It’s a caterpillar that looks like it has little penguins on his back! Found this pic while browsing reddit.” -Edward D.

Sorry About That, Grasshopper

Last Friday, we had a Grasshopper Haiku and forgot to include this little maniac. Our apologies.



“Check out this little fellow sitting on my hand and arm. I found him on the neighbor’s swing set when my daughter was there playing. After I held him for a moment I released him to continue his life on the dogwood tree.” -Cuteporter Andrea D., who used a Nikon D3000 for these super shots.

Hot. Pink. Slugs.

Only in Australia. Of course! Have a look and have a listen:

No Barbie Dreamhouse should be without them!

From Treehugger, for all your green, or hot pink, news.


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