Hey Fella…U Ever Been To Jersey?

NOMMABLE CORGI EARS! Must…get..control.

OK. Wanna meet some Cutie Patooties, as Rosie O’ Donnell used to say? (She might still say that, who knows.) Well ,we got ’em here for ya. “This is Jersey and her little Corgi brother Fella the Fifth,” says Submitter Erika H. [There are four more? WHERE? And wouldn’t he be…Fella v5.0? -Ed]

“As it is Fella’s first Christmas they posed politely for their Christmas card photos.”

“It is pretty easy being cute, especially when being tired makes you even more cute!”

“Now if only hoomins could behave this well!”



U Spin Me Right Round Like A Corgi

Totally REDONK stuff here, folks. Watch this Pembroke Welsh Corgi go for a spin on this carousel.

And. His. Name. Is. Meatball.

“CO, I love you so much. You’ve been a significant part of my life for years, so when I saw this video I knew I must submit. Thank you for all the great, fun, charming work you do.” -Andrea T.

Lights, Camera…Action?

[If this is what we have to do in order to stay off Santa’s “Naughty List,” well, I guess we’ll do it.]

Gatsby & Scout, from the Gatsby Adventures Tumblr.

New Baby Poopster!

The ears.
The ears.
The ears.

Stole the header from the Tumblr thusly: Bandit The Tri-Color Corgi. (VERY close to being a Rule, too. Time is juuust a bit off.)

Slip Slidin’ Awaaaaaay

Buddy The Corgi knows how to get his slide on in this visit to the park!

Submitted by Emily W. Title by Paul S.

OMG Double Double

That is the SAME look I have when I go into In N Out.


And….here’s how to make your own origami Corgi!

First image from Ruby The Corgi Tumblr.

Concise Anatomy Of A Corgi

b12da49f12bd63ae271a1d7d66c811d5Max here. We’re short, stubby and entirely wonderful. We bounce along with very little ground clearance, but generally don’t have a care in the world- we’ve got the world wrapped around our stubby little feet paws. Here are some pix of my pals Trinket, Corgnelius, his new lil’ bro Stump Stump, and a new friend, Jackson Stubbington! Enjoy. -MS

BI-6_c2CIAAaQpF.jpg large









~Le Creditos s’il vous plaît~

Photo 1 of Trinket from Paul P.
Photo 2 thru 8 from Corgnelius The Corgis Tumblr.
Photo 9 of Jackson Gatsby Stubbington from his blog.
*Technical stuffs: Corgnelius/Stumphrey photos taken with a Sony NEX-5N.*

Corgi ‘Tocks UP!

He huffs, he puffs, he stumbles, he fumbles- will Mr. Waddles ever get outta his tent?

As seen on MSN Now. Posted by TheYuusou.

Mmmmmm, Corgis

Wouldn’t you just like to lean down and SNORF right there in the middle of that warm pile of puppehs? Admit it. You would. We ALL would. That’s why we’re here, right?

Basket of Corgis in Bozeman MT submitted by Libby on Corgiaddict.com.

Animal Reflections: 1 of 3

Sometimes, you have to confront yourself; really look at yourself.

Then run away and promise never to do it again.

“I have no doubt that you will watch this repeatedly. My friend Natalie’s puppy sees his reflection for the first time. Ridiculously awesome.” Thank you sender inner Katrina L.!


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