Goggie Goalie

This little guy is an absolute WALL when it comes to being a soccer goalie. Well, except when the hoomin cheats and pooks it over the puppeh’s stubbular head.

Everyone has his/her limits, after all.

From 22Words.



Meridith The Corgi thinks belleh-flopping in snow is just like belleh-flopping in water.

Er, not quite.

Submission and totally appropriate header from Cuteporter Ella.

Lucy Slo-Mo Snow Crash

Lucy is one determined Corgi. She’s gotta have that Frisbee, whether the snow has been shoveled…or NOT!

From Corgi Addict.

Can I Be On Bunday?

Looks like you already are, dude!

This is Sir Benjamin aka Benny, Stubmuffin, Stubbasaurus Rex- from his FB.

On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer, On….Wait. What?

Looks like Santa has swapped out his reindeer this year for something a little more…Stubbular.



Merry Buzzmas.

Hey Fella…U Ever Been To Jersey?

NOMMABLE CORGI EARS! Must…get..control.

OK. Wanna meet some Cutie Patooties, as Rosie O’ Donnell used to say? (She might still say that, who knows.) Well ,we got ’em here for ya. “This is Jersey and her little Corgi brother Fella the Fifth,” says Submitter Erika H. [There are four more? WHERE? And wouldn’t he be…Fella v5.0? -Ed]

“As it is Fella’s first Christmas they posed politely for their Christmas card photos.”

“It is pretty easy being cute, especially when being tired makes you even more cute!”

“Now if only hoomins could behave this well!”



U Spin Me Right Round Like A Corgi

Totally REDONK stuff here, folks. Watch this Pembroke Welsh Corgi go for a spin on this carousel.

And. His. Name. Is. Meatball.

“CO, I love you so much. You’ve been a significant part of my life for years, so when I saw this video I knew I must submit. Thank you for all the great, fun, charming work you do.” -Andrea T.

Lights, Camera…Action?

[If this is what we have to do in order to stay off Santa’s “Naughty List,” well, I guess we’ll do it.]

Gatsby & Scout, from the Gatsby Adventures Tumblr.

New Baby Poopster!

The ears.
The ears.
The ears.

Stole the header from the Tumblr thusly: Bandit The Tri-Color Corgi. (VERY close to being a Rule, too. Time is juuust a bit off.)

Slip Slidin’ Awaaaaaay

Buddy The Corgi knows how to get his slide on in this visit to the park!

Submitted by Emily W. Title by Paul S.