Stair Master (Part II)

When you’re a little guy, those stairs can seem awfully daunting. (See Part I here.) Here we have another little guy facing the big challenge. And do you know what his name is?


(Speakers UP for the Prosh Whimpering.)


“Corgi Nation” Descends On Huntington Long Beach

11809524_1662367737333290_1377391584_nBack in April, “Corgi Nation” descended on Huntington Beach for a huge Corgi Fest. This past weekend, they did it again- this time, some 800 Stumpers partied in Long Beach. Next get-together set for October 24th, back in Huntington Beach. Photos via Mashable.












Suitable For Nomming

Paws, toe beans, The Batman Ears- GAAAAAAAA. Want.

From the Tumblr of Kathy S.

What Do Four Week Old Corgis Do Best?

They nom their dinner LIKE CRAZED BANSHEES! (And look! They’re not stubbular yet!)

C’mon, Little Hoomin. I WANNA PLAY. I Think.

Tucker The Stubbular Puppeh wants to play with the little person. Or maybe he doesn’t. Or maybe he does. Or maybe he doesn’t.


Happy 89th To Queen Elizabeth

With C.O. being Northern California-based, we’re not exactly subjects of The Crown, but since Her Majesty has had more than 30 Corgis during her 63 year reign, we thought it appropriate to tip a nod of the C.O. cap her way!


“Corgi Nation” Descends On Huntington Beach

nmo3l1-13.corgi.041115.msCorgi Beach Day was Saturday, and an estimated 500 of the little Stumpers hit the sand for some fun and frivolity!


Photos 1-5 from the The OC Register/Mindy Schauer; Photo 6 from Instagram/Mashable.

Stumpy Legs…Big Ears…Bigger Heart!

Stumpy legs and big ears - ImgurWow, just look at those Ears! And the Little Paws. The Stubbular Butt, of course. This is what we at C.O. call “The Complete Package.” (Part of the headline, and image from Reddit.)

Talk About Spoiling For A Fight

This kitteh is doing everything it can to get the Corgi into a tussle, (biting its butt!) but the Corgster isn’t having any of it. “My corgi (Sun) is a saint, and my cat (Schrödinger) is a total jerk. Guaranteed lolz!” -Lottie P.

Matching Stubbulars

When you’re Short And Stubbular, there isn’t much to do but chew on the other guy.


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