Looks Like Someone Got Into The Turkey….

….a bit early. #trytophancoma

When All Ya Got Are Stumpers…

Ya gotta be CAREFUL goin’ down those steps, THUMP THUMP THUMP.

(Andrew Y.)

The Anatomy Of A Corgi (v2.0)

InYnpXAWell, sorta. The above image is from Imgur/Reddit; below is an Encore Presentayshe of a different version from 2.5 years ago.

Which is more accurate?

Second image from the Sir Artwork Tumblr.

#Tocktober: Frodo

IMG_4630Anybody up for some ‘Tocks? Thought so. Thanks, Julie O.: “This is Frodo, my grand-doggie, of previous C.O. fame demonstrating his Skipper skills, found here. The first picture (above) prominently displays Frodo’s Spectacular ‘Tocks AND an amazing Side-Eye. And then this one below shows Lulu trying to divert Frodo’s attention before snatching his ball. ‘Hey, look over there, Frodo – the evil fence-running squirrel!'”


Less Than Two Weeks ‘Til Halloween-

..and this magnificent little Stumpers STILL can’t figure out the significance of this magnificent little pumpkin! Get it, little guy! Get Fierce!


It’s A Corgi World (And We’re All Just Renting Space in It)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADUAL STUMPERS ALERT! Many thanks to Jane S-H for these great shots of the First Annual Tour De Corgi in Ft. Collins, CO. (Between Ft. Collins and Estes Park, Colorado is THE place to be.)

Jane says “Taffy, aka Taffers or The Taffsters is this next photo below, and is my mom’s Corgi.”

“Great heelarious fun parade, awesome organizers! Every one, dogs and hoomins alike so totally friendly!”




*AND: Another Stumpers note: The Fall Nor Cal Corgi Con is this Saturday in San Francisco- deets at SFGate.com. (They were in SF at Ocean Beach for the Summer Edition.) If you’re going- can you send us some pix?


The Great Corgi Escape!

Beau the Ohio Corgi is always found to be roaming the house in the late afternoon when the hoomins come home. They decided to set up a security cam (And license the footage to Barcroft #ulterior motive #ka-ching) to find out.

They just don’t make puppeh gates like they used to.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Pop-Tart Needs Help!

5562007_1440018791.0019_updates“Poppy” AKA “Pop-Tart” is facing some difficult health issues. Mandy D. fills us in. “My best friend’s dog who is definitely up there in the Top 10 CUTEST CORGIS ON THE PLANET is going through some seriously expensive cancer treatments right now. We’ve set up a Go Fund Me to try to assist with her medical costs.”

Photos taken by me and the dog’s owner, Ashley H.”

unnamed (1)


unnamed“This is Bonsai the Corgi flying through an agility course! Hoverball cat has nothing on Super Corgi! Photograph by Mari Carlos.” -Thomas F.

Corgi Pool Party

It IS kinda tough to cool off when your hoomin keeps turning off the water on you! Hang in there, Nero- you’ll get wet sooner or later, lil’ buddy!



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