It’s A Stubbular Caturday Saturday!

OK, so…this isn’t really The Queen Of England. And these…aren’t really her corgis. They’re what you’d call…a reasonable facsimile, right? And DID You Know: in Welsh folklore, Corgis were the preferred mount of Tiny Fairy Warriors. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get in line at the local Hallmark for the new Christmas ornaments. Tut tut and cheerio.

From Crystal B.

Just About As Prosh As They Come

• The Paws.
The Side-Eye.
• The Ears.
• The Pink Panting Tongue. (Tiny Tongues Are Cute.)
Head-to-Body Ratio.
The Blue Sweateuh.

Little Corgi Blue - Imgur

Shell Shock

Turbo The Corgi was just hanging out. And then…….the rock…….moved.

Seen on Imgur.

Boy, Wuz That French Open Great Or WHAT

[I watched the whole thing! Wawrinka somebody beat, um, Djokovic somebody. Four sets, whatta upset! I got my tennis ball right here and was gonna go out and play a set or two- but I just..can’t..seem…to reach it. Sooo ty-ty.]


[*Note: That wraps it up for this week here on Cute Overload- be with us on Rats, It’s Monday morning for some Prosh Newborn Bebeh Koala Video Action, and one of the best Maru episodes ever. -Ed.]

Not Too Sure What’s Going On Here

However, it IS Prosh. And that’s all that matters.


Trinket Wants More Treats

tumblr_najacpU53m1qzrf57o1_1280Would anyone like to help her out? From

Nixon NOW

Aug052014_2586I think it can be unequivocally stated for the record, that this puppeh is NOT a crook.

“Hi there! Here’s a picture of our adorable corgi, his name is Nixon and you can follow him on Instagram!” -Francesca J.

Ho Ho Ho, What Do U Know?

11575489636_ef0686d986_oIt’s just about that time of the year! (Heck, Thanksgiving is just three days off!) You know, mistletoe, the Jolly Old Elf, the Grinch, Rudolph and Charlie Brown (The Big 3 specials) and…your photos on Cute Overload! Have a terrific holiday themed photo? We’d love to see it and mebbe even USE it right here on this very website! Click right here and send it on in- we can’t wait to see what you have! (BTW, if you can put “Holiday Photo” in the subject line, that would be keen.)

(BTW II- this is Trinket. From Paul, Trinket’s servant.)

Dear Santa

1A54fvSWell, Big Fella- we’re now under two months ’til the Big Day, right? Let’s see. I’d like a James Bond keyring…a Bond T-shirt,, an iTunes gift card…but most of all…



PEEKING OUTTA MY STOCKING ON CHRISTMAS MORNING. (U can make that happen, right?) Thanks! -B.

(Image via Reddit.)

‘Tocktober: “Adorable Pants”

unnamed“This is our Corgi Murphy, blending in with our hardwood floors. Just call him Camouflage dog :). Besides having adorable pants he is a Total Snuggler. Hope he makes the cut. Thanks for all the fun posts!” -Kristina C.

[*Note: Once again, we see ROC #47: Splayed haunch action is Cute. -Ed.]


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