unnamed“This is Bonsai the Corgi flying through an agility course! Hoverball cat has nothing on Super Corgi! Photograph by Mari Carlos.” -Thomas F.

Corgi Pool Party

It IS kinda tough to cool off when your hoomin keeps turning off the water on you! Hang in there, Nero- you’ll get wet sooner or later, lil’ buddy!


Crouton Cam!

Crouton DogglesLast week, we showed you all that action at the last Corgi Beach Day in Southern California. Well, it turns out there was a MAN STUMPER ON THE SCENE and we didn’t even know it ’til now. Folks, meet Crouton The Videographer. (Above.) That’s what a GoPro looks like from one view. Here’s how it looks from the other way!

Submish by Crystal S.

Let The Sun Shine In!

Despite what your local TV station weather person might say- your forecast for today is LOTS OF SUN!

“I’d love to share with you pictures of my Rescue Corgi Sun who was the happiest dog EVER on a hike this week.” -Lottie P.



20003605490_3ec0344b68_z (1)



It’s A Stubbular Caturday Saturday!

OK, so…this isn’t really The Queen Of England. And these…aren’t really her corgis. They’re what you’d call…a reasonable facsimile, right? And DID You Know: in Welsh folklore, Corgis were the preferred mount of Tiny Fairy Warriors. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get in line at the local Hallmark for the new Christmas ornaments. Tut tut and cheerio.

From Crystal B.

Just About As Prosh As They Come

• The Paws.
The Side-Eye.
• The Ears.
• The Pink Panting Tongue. (Tiny Tongues Are Cute.)
Head-to-Body Ratio.
The Blue Sweateuh.

Little Corgi Blue - Imgur

Shell Shock

Turbo The Corgi was just hanging out. And then…….the rock…….moved.

Seen on Imgur.

Boy, Wuz That French Open Great Or WHAT

[I watched the whole thing! Wawrinka somebody beat, um, Djokovic somebody. Four sets, whatta upset! I got my tennis ball right here and was gonna go out and play a set or two- but I just..can’t..seem…to reach it. Sooo ty-ty.]


[*Note: That wraps it up for this week here on Cute Overload- be with us on Rats, It’s Monday morning for some Prosh Newborn Bebeh Koala Video Action, and one of the best Maru episodes ever. -Ed.]

Not Too Sure What’s Going On Here

However, it IS Prosh. And that’s all that matters.


Trinket Wants More Treats

tumblr_najacpU53m1qzrf57o1_1280Would anyone like to help her out? From


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