2015 C.O. Comments Of The Year

We’ve been hoarding our favorite comments for twelve months, and now it’s time to roll ’em out. We thank EVERYONE who has visited C.O. in 2015, sent in pix ‘n’ links, and commented on posts. As we did last year, we’d like to share with you some of this year’s top observations.

And away we go…

“Woo Hoo…C.O. doing it’s part to make a better world/life for animals of all kinds. BRAVO!” -Jnyjny on The Koalas Need YOUR Help! (January 9.)


“I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to schnuggle a cow before. Now I do.” -Wendy on Bliss. (March 25.)

“OH MY GOODNESS. It’s like a designer rat. LOVE.” -Gayle on Need…More…Quolls. (April 17.)


“Weapons of grass destruction!” -Maya and “We’re going to need a bigger goat.” -260Oakley on Amazon has Done It Again. (April 27.)


“Is he full grown? Because if so, I’ll need one of those immediately. If not…I’ll need one of those, immediately.” -Annette on It’s Not Personal, Sonny- It’s Strictly Business. (April 30.)


“There are few things better in this world than a badass kitten.” -Hideous Lump on OK, We Adopted A Kitteh- NOW What? (April 30.)

“Just an off-duty EMT: Eucalyptus-Munching Tourist.” -260Oakley on So, This Koala Walks Into The Hospital… (May 4.)

“They’re like fuzzy little bumper cars!” -Sarareina84 on Who Wants Some Belleh Rubs, Eh? (May 13.)

“I wanna get a band together just so I can call it White Wombat.” -Margaux Wilder on White Wombat Wednesday (May 20.)


“And later that year, Skynet became self-aware. Note to self: Start stockpiling acetone..” -Mamabear on Welcome To Our New Origami Overlords (June 1.)

“Join us next week for our next episode – ‘Owners wearing bandages'” -Scoobiesnacks on 着物を着て猫 (Cats Wearing Kimonos) (June 30.)


“Mind. Blown. To pieces, then melted, and blown again. I can’t even fully comprehend the situation in my brain looking at these photos. :D” -Coel, and “Not enough Finch Valium in the world to get my birds to do that. Awesome.” -Rose on Full House (July 7.)



“You forget this is the Big J. They’ve genetically engineered their wedding Alpacas to poop rainbows and Skittles.” -Gizmo on I Do. And So Does The Alpaca. (July 14.)


“Spared no expense!” -Hera on Hold On To Your Butts Buns! (August 17.)




“He’s gonna make you a slobber you can’t refuse.” -Blair on C.O. Trading Cards #14: Don Vito Corleone! (August 18.)


“He had me at ‘bacon’……” -April on Maymo In 2016: Dog Bones For Everyone! (September 23.)


“Dear heavens. Koko’s a crazy cat lady.” -Kar on Koko And The Kittehs (October 14.)

“I swear he’s made out of brownies and I want him for dessert.” -djdecca on Kramer (October 15.)


“O-Tannen-Photo-Bomb.” -260Oakley on Headline THIS! (Impending Doom Edition) (December 8.)



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2014 C.O. Comments Of The Year

Already the end of the year, and time for all the Best-Of lists and stuffs. Of course, thanx to all who have visited C.O. in 2014, sent in photos and YouTube links, and commented on posts. As we did last year, we’d like to share some of this year’s best remarks.

“Maru doesn’t have a back, just a front that goes all the way around.” -Blair on Maru V. Hana For World Domination. (February 3.)

“*Sally C. – you need to visit C.O. all the time, not just when you’re having a bad day. C.O. ROCKS!” -Elisha B. on They Are Our TV. (February 10.)


“Maru is THE cat video IDOL! The Circle is, hands down, THE Coolest Cat! Long may he reign!! PS. I can’t get out of bed in the morning without my coffee and C.O. On my iPad™. C.O. needs to remain online at least another 35 years in case I live as long as my mother did.” -Chris on Throwback Thursday-Maru’s Birthday. (May 23.)

“I can’t remember what life was like before C.O. and I can’t imagine life without it. Sincere thanks.” -Rachael on Look Closely. (July 11.)


“I love how cat has a b-hole. Just a little dot. Cutest b-hole EVER.” -Melissa on Simon’s Cat: Hot Water. (July 30.)

“Small car with a large trunk.” -260Oakley on When You’ve Got An Itch. (August 8.)


“If they don Speedos™, I am out of here. :)” -Rachael’s back again for Pig Pool Party. (August 13.)


“This is the best website on the planet. Period.” -Julie on Hey Honey? Have U Seen The Remote? (August 27.)



“He has his own photo ID. His. Own. Photo. ID. This site is my headache medicine of choice. You guys are awesome.” -Jenny I. on If You Lose Your Luggage At LAX or SFO (September 24.)

“Ever have one of those days when you just can’t get your ass off the couch?” -260Oakley on Couch Potato Donkey. (October 24.)

“I submit that this website now be known as ‘Cute Overdosed’ from now on until the end of thingies.” -Pcm979 on OK, Time To Break The Interwebs. (November 5.)


“So,so,so, so, so, so, so, muche Cute I splorted all ober.” Viki B. on BATS! It’s Monday! (December 1.)


mid shot row

“Owl be Home for Christmas” sung by Wing Crosby.” 260Oakley on Fa La La La La, LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAA (December 8.)


2013 C.O. Comments Of The Year

Thanks 2 EVERYONE who has visited C.O. this year, sent in submissions, and commented on posts. We wouldn’t be here without you.

That said, we’d like to feature some of the top post comments of 2013. (List starts in March ’cause, um, that’s when we thought of this.) Other C.O. 2013 Top Ten lists are here and here in case ya missed ’em. Start us off, Nikki!

“Mother Nature is such a badass.” -Nikki on Hi Mr. Nudibranch! (March 19)

“We’re going to have a body count with this post.” -Dash on There MIGHT Be Something Cuter Than This….” (April 2)

“I love this. I don’t understand it, of course, but that hardly seems important.” -4leafclover on The Zen Of The Capybara. (April 5)

“I keep clicking back and forth between CNN and Cute Overload. Thank you for keeping these heart healing images coming to balance the terrible news this week.” -Kelly Ann B. regarding the Boston Marathon bombings, on the C.O. Facebook page. (April 19)

“Watched about an hour of news last nite and again when I got up this AM. Just too heart wrenching to watch anymore. Came to C.O. ’cause I knew it would be a first aid place for our hearts. The pics, heartwarming videos and the comments.” -Alexa on Small Miracle in Moore, OK. (May 21)

“What am I going to do when they come for me? Put squirrel underpants on them, that’s what.” -Viv on Bad Boys, Bad Boys. (June 13)

“My kitteh weighs 19 lbs. Victoria doesn’t have a secret that can handle that!” -Mindadale on R.A.C.K. In The USA. (July 1)

“Maru is like a parade float next to the bouncy grasshopper!” -Johanna on THIS JUST IN: We’ve Got The First Maru + Hana VIDEO! (September 2)

“Cute Overload is the antidote to most bad news. I like to come here as a palate cleanser after reading local/national/world news. Glad it cheered you up too!” -Jo on Bubbles And Bella: You’ve Got A Friend In Me. (September 17)




“Let’s face it – life before Cute Overload sucked.” -Pooki on Happy 8th Birthday To Cute Overload! (September 26)

“Happy Birthday! Massage, Xanax, who needs it- when you’ve got this for stress relief.” -Tiarosa on Cute Overload is Eight Today! (September 26)

“From my point of hearing he’s singing Happy Birthday to C.O. Eight years!!! Seems much longer than that. This global community has been such an important part of our lives. It also has had an impact in one way or another in the lives of so many. From the heart—-Thanks C.O.” -Alexa on Friday Haiku: Oh Rats! (September 27)

“This is Mango, our rescue puppeh. When it gets cold he covers his pointy little nose. We call him our “therapy dog” because whenever someone’s sad, he intuitively knows and comes and sits on the person’s lap to cheer them up. PS- Your site has blessed so many lives. I believe that we each find own little corner of the ‘garden’ and tend it, and that all of you at CO have found a special place in many people’s hearts. Thank you so much for what you do. Please also send Meg warm congratulations on her new little twins.” -Jenn K. on You’re Not Seein’ MY Nose This Month! (November 27)

unnamed (2)

“Jupiter, you’re now aligned with Uranus.” -260Oakley on Don’t Let the Name Fool You (November 29)

“From the embedded sound bite, they sound like a cross between a cooing pigeon and a flatulent bulldog.” -Madame X on We Missed This Girl In Nosevember (December 5)

“It’s been said before. Thank you for posting The QTE. I am having a butt-sucking day, and C.O. made me smile.” -Rosemary B. on THIS JUST IN: Theo N Beau 2.0 (December 6)

And finally:

“To the geniuses who created and maintain CuteOverload.com, I just wanted to write and tell you that I am so thankful for you! I look at your site everyday and it ALWAYS makes me happy! You find the cutest stuff in the world and write the most HILARIOUS and PERFECT captions for everything!!! I just love it and want you to know how thankful I am for all of the work you guys put into maintaining such a fabulous collection of CUTE!!!”– Natalie W.