You Spent ALL THAT MONEY On Cat Toys

You know, all that shiny plastic junk piled up in the laundry room. Because: what do they want after all?



Meowy Catmas!

Those wild guys Cole and Marmalade have created a special Christmas video for you. They also seem to have trashed their Christmas Tree while doing so. Details, details.

The Night Before Catmas

Cole and Marmalade have this tree destruction thing down pretty well!

Eight Signs Your Cat Is An Alien

What, there’s only eight?

Ten Ways That Cats Are Good For You!

There’s a lot more ways than just ten- but this first batch is a start, courtesy of our pals Cole & Marmalade!

And here’s a C&M “Greatest Hits” clip that just debuted yesterday.

Caturday Morning: Understanding Your Cat’s Emotions

Your Case Study Subjects today are: Cole & Marmalade.

Caturday: I Haz Kisses For A Quarter?

[I don’t even know what a ‘Quarter’ is, but eef you stop by my booth I will give you some snorgles, K? We’re here ’til Noon PT.]

Oooo, Look! We Got A New Couch!

Cole and Marmalade’s hoomin was kind enough to buy ’em a new couch. (Certainly, it can’t be for hoomin use. That is just…not…done.) So of course, C & M have to check it out. (Why does this feel like Maymo and Penny should be in this too?)

A Cat’s Guide To Boxes

It would be easy to assume that Maru started the “Cats love boxes” craze. The Round One will stuff himself into anything, after all. And then there’s the whole “If It Fits I Sits” meme. With that said, Celebrity Kittehs Cole & Marmalade present their own “A Cat’s Guide To Boxes.”

Gonna Need A Bigger Tub

[*Note: In the grand tradition of the “You’re Gonna Need A Bigger (Fill in the blank)” cliché we use so frequently well, we are happy to present Cole & Marmalade, getting all geeked up for next week’s Shark Week hysteria. -Ed.]