White-Nosed Coati PDA

“I just got back from a fantastic vacation in Costa Rica. Although the #1 animal on my list “to see” was the Sloths, I fell in love with White-Nosed Coati, who are related to the raccoon family. These guys just wandered across the path early one morning on our way to breakfast.” -Karen K.



Why Aren’t There MORE Coatimundi’s On C.O.?

Really good question, since these guys are as QTE as they come. Derek M. provided us with a most excellent Sloth video yesterday– so today he’s back with “The Baby Coati Hunger Games: Costa Rica.” Roll ’em, Derek.

Oh Nein Zu Süß (“Oh No Too Sweet”)

That’s what the video text says, and they’re right. So if you look a little more, you get “Nasenbär Elvis bekommt nicht genug kuscheleinheiten.” Punch up the ol’ Bing translator once more, and we have “Coati Elvis get cozy units not enough.”


Megan M. says “Saw this on HuffPost Thursday morning. Too Cute!”

A Post O’ Firsts

You’d think C.O. has featured just about every Cute Creature there is, right? Not so, according to Cuteporter Joey. In his her first ever submission, he she writes: “A Coatimundi from my first trip to Mexico. So friendly…I could walk up and pet them. Couldn’t find other ones on your site.”

Joey’s totally correct. Joey, we bow to your greatness.


UPDATE! Commenter Simon pointed out that maybe the results would be less wrong more accurate if we searched for “Coati.” Sure enough!