Brown Sugar Cinnamon MY FAVORITE!

And they’re all mine. You enjoy your Whitman’s Sampler- chocolate’s no good for me.

“Hello! I’m submitting Joey with his own personalized Pop-Tarts!” -Sarah B.


He Was Here! He Was Here!

Looks like Santa has already visited in Mineral Wells, Texas…headed off to parts unknown.


We’re Crashing, Santa

Just bring us the loot, Mr. K. Set it by the tree. We’ll deal with it Wednesday morning.

From 123Inspiration.

He’s Gonna Come Outta The FIREPLACE?

[How can he do that Daisy, there’s a fire there.]
[Dunno Coco. But that’s what they say.]
[Hoomins. I don’t buy it. We gonna stay here all night.]

unnamed (2)
“My mom recently adopted two kitten sisters, Coco & Daisy. They’re little bundles of joy and they’ve discovered the Christmas tree! They look like little ornaments in one of the pictures.” -Ted S.

Bet You Didn’t Expect… see ME under the tree tonight! MWAH HA HA HA HA!

“Here is Pyxie as her favorite reindeer, Prancer. Pyxie is a Chinese Water Dragon, and the photo was taken by me. I hope you enjoy our holiday cheer!” -Anna Marie R.

Merry Christmas From Tokyo

Merry Christmas from Fuku, Goma and Meme!







A Very Penguin Christmas

We’re all familiar with the “The Night Before Christmas” story. While Saint Nicholas makes his way around the globe at this very moment, the penguins at the Audubon Aquarium Of The Americas present their own take on the classic tale.


And now, let’s go from New Orleans to South Korea.

First video submitted by Katie S. Kohl the Penguin photo by Audubon Aquarium. See more of the Real Wild Animals Of New Orleans here. Second video sent in by Sharon S. as seen here.

Is He Coming Soon, Bear? Is He?

[Scoots, like I said, it’s afternoon. We gotta wait ’til early tomorrow morning.]

Bear The Puppeh and Scoot The Kitteh waiting for Santy, from Emily P.

Twelve Days of Milo: The Night Before Christmas

It all comes down to this. Milo is leaving out cookies for The Big Fella. But can he stay awake long enough?

It’s a Wonderful Life, Zuzu

Every time a puppeh baroos a peep gets its wings! Thanks for the wings, Zuzu!

“My one-year-old Havanese, Zuzu Petals, can’t wait for Santa to bring her lots of presents! Teh baroo is textbook, non? She does it ALL. THE. TIME. Merry Christmas to you and yours!” –Candi O.

And a very Merry Christmas and lotsa hope for the New Year to you and yours too:

Via YouTube. Thanks for the linky, Brinke!