Merry Christmas From Santa Booboo

From Lieveheersbeestje.


Stella’s Christmas Adventure!

Stella needs a Christmas tree. Stella will not be denied. Do not mess with The Stella.

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“Hello Cute Overload. I thought I’d share this lovely video by filmmaker Jesse Rosten.” -Lauren W.

It’s Halfway To Christmas!

And in honor of this occasion, we present…how to wrap a Guinea Peeg. Bookmark and save for December!

As We Approach February, Who Still Has Christmas Decorations Up?

‘Fess up. We know every neighborhood has that one house. And that’s OK!

“Luna at Christmas.” -Emily & Scott M.

(I Got Dem) Post-Christmas Blooz (Updated!)

[If you recall, Wolfie got all worked up about some overseas pals visiting for Christmas. The downside is, all visitors eventually return home. -Ed]

(Traditional Blues/Public Domain: composer unknown)(Sing like George Thorogood.)

Now it’s 3 weeks after Christmas (da da da DUM..)
An’ my friends went awaaay (da da da DUM..)
Somewhere way waaaay far off (da da da DUM..)
Dunno where- they wouldn’t say (da da da DUM..)

Now it’s cold Januaaaaary (da da da DUM.)
And I got dem post-Christmas blooz (da da da DUM..)
They gave this little squeaky toy (da da da DUM..)
I’d rather chew on their shoes. (da da da DUM.)

Wolfie New Year 3
“Wolfie’s friends went back to Singapore. Now he just sits and stares out the window completely forlorn.”

“He had been moping around for days, wondering where they went. We bought him a new squeaky toy to cheer him up and he’s finally starting to perk up again.” -David E.


“Wolfie is 2 years old now… below at 10 weeks with his “big” sister! He’s always been such a little monkey!”

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Need Your Tree Hauled Away?

If your tree is STILL sitting by the curb and you need it taken away, Zuri -N- Safina Christmas Tree Removal can DO! Just give them a call and they’ll be over right away. They might stay for awhile, though.

Video from the Linton Zoo in the UK, and submitted by Pudding.

What’s Fun To Do On Christmas Break?

Why, go sledding, of course.

From Viral Viral Videos.

I Dunno ‘Bout U…

[..but I is pooped from all the excitement yesterday. Gonna sleep right here!]

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Via Reddit.

Had A Good One Today, Roxy?

[Well, that’s gonna wrap up my festivities. Now can SOMEone get all these snowmen off MY couch?]

As seen on Flickr.

Sneeze Navidad

♪ ♫ I wanna wish you ah Merry Christmas. ♪ ♫ I wanna wish you ah, ah,

Ah, aahh, aaahhh,

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George and his festive self is back! “It’s really hot here in Brisbane this time of year, George is not so happy about the festive collar… Apparently he’s also allergic to reindeer…. Who would have thought? Have a lovely Christmas.” -Rohan V.