Bebeh Goats…With Bows

And if that wasn’t enough, you’ve got bebeh chicks and fuzzy pups and..could it be? It IS! A BEBEH MUNTJAC! Well, that’s it for me today. Bye. (Klunk.)

Maureen P. found ’em here.


Time To Play…The Name Game!

Lucky K. is stuck for a name for the little guy. Or..girl. We’ll need to chick check on that. “Dancin’ chick doesn’t have a name yet, but ABBA is a strong contender. The photos were shot by me, Lucy K., in the chicks temporary residence, our laundry room.”

Dancin' chick closeup

Can you think of a name for this leetle cheeck? Leave it in the Comments section, please!

UPDATE 5:12pm PT: OK, so it turns out that the yellow chick will be named ABBA for sure. Fine with that, always dug Frida and Agnetha. But this little one still needs a name:

Sleppy X 3

It’s about that time- got to get me my glass o’ Bosco and then…YAWN – C U tomorrow, OK then? ZZZZ.




Hey! U Guys Here For The Easter Egg Hunt?

[Didn’t you bring your little baskets? Gee, I hope there are some of those Marshmallow Peeps for us! Ooo, um, sorry about that. Guess I struck a nerve there, huh.]

Our Easter Bunday Mini-Marathon continues…

57 Channels And Nuthin’ On

[Peep, what’re we gonna do here? Jon Stewart, poof. Letterman? Adios. I tell ya, late night on the tube is in the toilet. Let’s just crash and call it a night.]

Talk To The Butt

Bebeh Chick wants to play, but Oscar The Cat…will have none of that.

From James H.

Easter BunDay: Henry Sez….

[And here I thought PEEPS came in little packages???]

“Cute picture of Henry and our baby chick, taken by me, Maggie. Happy Easter! 🙂 thanks, Maggie.”

Those Aren’t The Chicks You’re Looking For

[Aren’t you guys a little short for stormtroopers?]


Bored Panda time.

Cuddle Buddies

[When the guys said on Saturday night we were gonna “go out and pick up some chicks,” I had no idea this is what they meant. I prefer Marshmallow Peeps if ya wanna know.]

Sent in by Jack B.

C’mon Chicks, U Can Hang With Me

There’s this doggeh named Bailey, see. And WHAT DID SHE DO she went and ADOPTED A FLEET OF BEBEH CHICKS.

Go head and do a head ‘splode, we understand. It happens to all of us at one time or another.

Susan M. with the score.